Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snowy day & more good news

Good news: The immigration lawyer received the documentation I sent her and she has sent it on to the USCIS. They must have received the pkg because the application check has been cashed! So now we wait for 6-8 months. In the meantime, we are thinking about budget, guest list, and reception sites. But that's one post (or 100) for another time.

There was a really neat snowstorm on Tuesday which left the trees with snowy flocked coverage for my commute on Wednesday.

Trees on my street in early morning sun
Love the morning light!

the sun's coming up!
Rise and shine!
Taken from inside my car while exiting my street.
At the end of my street

during the "crawl" to work
While crawling through Kingston, NJ

Almost all the way to work
Almost to work!

I can hear the ice sliding off the roof this morning so it must be warming up! Since Tuesday's newspaper is buried in the snow, I look forward to recovering it tmw when it's supposed to be 55F.

I'm going back to the doctor tonight. Fingers crossed! It's been three weeks since the injury and I'm not fully functional. Gah!


  1. You got some great pictures of the snow - sorry that I missed it!

  2. Maybe the process will takes less than 6-8 months, and if it does, will your plans change at all? Love the snow pics -- just beautiful.

  3. What beautiful photos! Makes our snowfall look so minor....hope you are well and I em enjoying the updates on your process. Who knows - you might make it through in less time than expected? Fingers crossed!


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