Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simplicity 3673, retro 50's jumper, done

Thanks for all your comments about S3673, the Simplicity 1950's retro jumper.  :)
I had asked how to handle the situation where I had mistakenly cut the CF on the fold, so I had an extra 1.25 inches in the front panel.

According to peer review, there was one vote to redo the front skirt panel, and many votes to just leave it as is (it's fine!) and one to tweak the darts (there are 8 darts after all).   Concern was expressed for having a CF seam in corduroy.  I generally don't like CF seams as I think they break up the garment.  And the last time I had a CF seam in a dress, it resulted in the Star Trek dress.  And we all know what bitter memories that dress contains. Ugh.

I wound up undoing just the skirt side seams, and letting the front panel lie "flat".  You can see the front panel is sticking out a bit on each side.

Simplicity 3673 view A/B in progress
Then I sewed down each side.
And I hemmed.
And I wore it with a purchased boat neck shirt (maybe someday I'll make a Peter Pan shirt to wear underneath).
This is what it looked like after wearing it a good part of Sunday:
Simplicity 3673 view A/B done
Somehow I didn't take a picture of the side view, but I took 2 of the 4 back darts a bit more.
Simplicity 3673 view A/B done
It has a short back vent since I cut an inch off the bottom and then folded under twice, by 1.25 inches or so. I wore it to work on Tuesday, kind of concerned it might look like a kindergarten teacher. My coworkers assured me it doesn't look that way? I'm still on the fence. But it was totally comfy since my version is not as form fitting as the envelope picture.

And as you see I didn't add the bow. I think it's more adult-like that way.
Simplicity 3673 view A/B done
The pattern envelope:

So, food. This is a new-to-me recipe, from the Prevention "30 Minute Chicken Dinners" booklet. It's supposed to be "Italian chicken, artichokes and rice" but I didn't have instant rice so I used orzo instead. and I didn't have oregano after my dried spice cleanout, so I used basil instead. I also used fresh parsley from my parsley plant outside, which is still going strong in this colder weather (and even after it was under snow!)
Italian chicken, artichoke and "rice" from Prevention's 30-Minute Chicken Dinners
My library books. I haven't started reading either of them; maybe on the plane to Austin?
Princeton library books
Here's some fall color from my back yard:
fall leaves
Do you know what this tree is? I don't.  I call it the "prickly ball tree"
what is it?
I don't know what I'm sewing next. Maybe one of these? But it won't be this weekend. It's PR Day on Nov 19 and I will be in Austin to celebrate it. I'm flying out this afternoon. Leslie has a packed schedule for those attending. It will be so much fun!
DSC07536 Be well!!


  1. Sweet gum. It is a sweet gum tree. Early settlers used its twigs as toothbrushes. And you can cut the bark and let the sap ooze, then collect the little ball of gum and chew it: the original "chewing gum." Native Americans used several types of gum trees for log canoes. You can use the prickly balls as construction toys, since they stick together like velcro. And they make excellent ammunition for slingshot target practice.

  2. I'm so in love with classic retro dresses, yours included. Pretty!

  3. Your jumper is totally cute! I love jumpers. Nice job fixing the problem. As always, beautiful food! Have a wonderful time in Austin.

  4. I really like your dress! I think with some chunky, mature jewellry, you'd lesson the feeling of teacher dress (and I was in our school today, and no teachers were in dresses!).
    I'm wondering--if you're using a tripod for the camera, I guess you're using the why take the pictures in your bathroom? Just curious :)


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