Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elevation, wreath, cubes, etc etc etc

Eleray said the fabric storage cubes in my last post were a good idea. They are from Target a few years back--maybe Target still sells them? Over the years the stash fell into disorganization but now it's back on track (um, with the fabric at least!)

Gwen, I'm so glad you enjoy the food pictures! As for the photos looking professional, I was thinking I should take more care when I take the food pix, like actually wiping the edges of the plate or bowl... Some day I will have to write a food post to more fully explain why I am doing what I am doing and how I'm doing it, but the main idea is to reduce my pain by eating better. One of my pain issues right now, my shoulder, probably doesn't have much to do with eating. Right now my shoulder is more of a concern to me than my pelvic kidney or even my back. Specifically tweaking the fit on the last two dresses I made aggravated it more.  I didn't sew much last weekend and nothing that required fitting like the dresses, but still my shoulder is annoyed. My chiropractor and I have been working on it since it became irritated in Chicago.  I know, if I were a horse I would have been put out to pasture by now!  However this summer feels different, better, and more hopeful.

I have written before that, since PR weekend, I want to elevate my sewing. Some of my coworkers yesterday actually noticed the elevation in detail with the Muse dress--the welt pockets in particular, and the fit. Yeah!

I have been wanting to make this wreath for a while; tonight was the night. The flowers are leftovers from when I did a lot of floral stuff...but I have run out of grapevine wreaths and actually had to buy the wreath at Michael's this weekend for $5.  Then I saw the orange flowers while I was at Michael's and bought them too for contrast. 

6/9/11 front door wreath

Farmer's Market flowers for today: bachelor's buttons and calendula
6/9/11 farmer's mrkt flowers
6/9/11 farmer's mrkt flowers

I finally turned on my a/c tonight, for the first time this year, since it reached ~100F today.  It was around the same temp yesterday but I didn't turn on the a/c.  My coworker was amazed and wanted to know if I'm a lizard.

Be well and good night!


  1. I must be getting old! My a/c has been on since Monday...I'm such a wimp with extreme temperatures!

  2. My a/c has been on for a while; my house is surrounded by mature trees which helps a lot but 100 deg with high humidity is a bit much.
    I used to do a lot of floral stuff, now I make a wreath every once in a while; I think the orange flowers really make your wreath pop, great choice!

  3. I'm so sorry you suffer with such ailments at such a young age. I do believe that diet and exercise benefit many conditions. I should practice what I preach! Your wreath is so pretty, and really, there is nothing like a vase of fresh flowers to bright up a room, or a mood! Feel better.

  4. We had a weird hot and cold spring, one day I would have the air on, the next day the heat. But now, it's been air everyday 24/7...probably until October!

  5. I always love your flower pictures! Nicely done on the wreath.

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    I love your wreath. The orange flowers you bought are just gorgeous against the blue.
    Wow, 100F is about 40C, right? It is hot where you are...

  7. Your wreath is so pretty. I love the cornflowers - they don't grow where I live, and I miss them.


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