Sunday, August 26, 2012

Post #3 about NewLook 6968, still in progress....

Hey hey!
This is my third weekend working on this dress, New Look 6968.  Not that I spent a lot of time on it this weekend, but progress has been made.
It now has facings in the neckline, and one bound armhole!

New Look 6968 still in progress, now with one bound armhole and neck facings
I used bias tape to bind one armhole so far. It's Wrights trim in plum, matches SOOO closely. New Look 6968 still in progress, now with one bound armhole and neck facings
Still loving the collar...
New Look 6968 still in progress, now with one bound armhole and neck facings
And now it has a kickpleat too. I used the narrow hem foot to make that, er, narrow hem.
New Look 6968 still in progress, now with a kick pleat!

So, what's left to do on the dress?  The other armhole, serging the inside, fixing an alignment problem with the bodice, tacking the facings, making the hem....

In other news, another female flower opened, yay!  This is the vine that is growing into the red verbena.
8/26/12:  female flower G opened!

I have updated my pumpkin album this weekend for some great updates, lol.

Here are the Princeton Farmer's Market flowers for this week:
Princeton farmer's market flowers this week

And here's a gardenia in my front yard:
gardenia and protective soap 8/25/12
I use Irish Spring (in the bag, on a stick) to keep the deer away from my outdoor salad bar.

Oh, and I got an Android pay-as-you-go phone this weekend. Finally stepped up to the technology from 2 years ago or whatnot. And now I can read my own blog and see your comments on my phone, hurrah!
my blog on my new phone
Be well!!


  1. What a gorgeous dress! Loooove that plummy colour, and the neckline with that tie is really lovely.

  2. I'm a rare commenter - but had to add this about android phones. Just got one myself in May (?) anyway - my library lends e-books and with an app, I can read them on my phone. It's kind of neat.
    Your dress is lovely - I love the collar as well, and such a rich colour.
    Take care

  3. Your dress is taking shape, and looking great! Enjoy your phone. I finally cancelled my land line and now rely on my cell phone.

  4. I just stepped into technology too. I got a smart phone in July and wi-fi at my house. OMGosh! Why didn't anyone tell me about this Wi-fi dealie sooner?! I no longer have to run up and down the stairs to review a sewing technique on my computer.

  5. I love the collar, and neckline, too.

    And ooooh, smartphones... how did we ever get along without them! I think of my iphone as The Everything Machine.


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