Saturday, August 7, 2010

Maria's baby shower!

Maria's baby shower was today! Maria was my best friend growing up. The shower was at her gorgeous home.

She has one month to go but looks ready to deliver now. In typical Maria style, she is really really really excited!

I didn't wear the dress I made last weekend. I know. You guys seem to like that dress but I don't like how it's not gathered enough on top. So I went with the New Look 6922 in cheery aqua.
me and Maria, 8/7/10

While the picture of Maria is blurred, the picture of the "is it organic" woman is nice, I think.
the "is it organic?" woman

Maria introduced me to the group as being very crafty and having my own clothing line. I suppose I do have my own clothing line. It's clothes that I make for me. I thought her words were very sweet.

Many thanks to Maria's sister-in-law Kelly for inviting me and my mom.

I cut out and interfaced a dress tonight. I'm afraid it might be looking a bit too scrubs-esque because of the color. But I think the style is great! I'm definitely making the time to make it tomorrow!!

Good night!

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  1. Glad everyone had a nice time. Nothing better than preparing for a new baby!

    I love the description of having your own clothing line -- it is true! It's called your wardrobe! Someone wrote a great blog post a year or two ago about how we underestimate our role as designers just because we sew from patterns. That so much goes into the customization, fabric selection, fit, etc. that we really are valid designers. Wish I could remember who that was!


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