Friday, August 27, 2010

Myrtle Beach day 7: last full day in paradise

Today's my last full day in Myrtle Beach.

This morning I watched the garbage truck while eating breakfast. I solved the Jumble yet again. Ah, sweet satisfaction. Oh! And I saw a LOT of dolphins this morning. So neat!
the garbage truck

I used miles to upgrade to first class. Maybe that was foolish, seeing as it's sort of looking like I might have been upgraded for free. but I'll never know for sure and I know I'll enjoy it!

K&W for lunch. It was kind of huge, but good as always! Here I'm half way through...
Lunch at K&W

Then I hit up the Christmas Mouse. I must say, the scent of cinnamon was not as strong as it was in the past. Going there is a ritual.
Christmas Mouse

I like their little mouse logo, and the neon "open" sign.

I thought my parents might enjoy this picture of Holiday Sands South, where we stayed often in my teenage years.
Holiday Sands South

and the hotel they built to the right of it, Holiday Sands at South Beach
Holiday Sands at South Beach

Mom was saying that it looks like Myrtle Beach has been Disney-fied. I agree with that, though there are little bits of the 60's left over, like the Sail Inn across from my hotel.
the Sail Inn

Here's another view of the Sail Inn
Sail Inn

Here is the sign for my hotel, and then you can see the Carnival sign in the background. There are little motels still dotting the coastline. In this shot you can't see the Carnival building itself, because it's in between some giant hotels.

I spent the afternoon on the beach, had another nap, didn't read anything. It is so unusual for me to not do very much!! Finally I got up out of my chair and walked to the 14th Avenue pier and back. Spent maybe 20 min in the ocean.

Dinner was at K&W, where I had a nice chat with the grandfatherly type server.
Then I ziplined again, this time while it was still daylight out! It is very, very tame. Then dessert was at Kirk's
Kirk's Ice Cream Shop
The public access spaces have these neat "pay" reminders
Pay to park

Since my flight isn't til the early afternoon, I will pack in the morning. That is really, really great. I won't have to get up early, no big rush...

I've been working on my back pain. I had totally fallen out of my routine and the pain was amplified as a result. Now I'm back to doing more stretches than ever and it seems to be helping. I haven't done any toning for 10 days now, and I need to get back into that. The formula that seems to work is:
  • do my stretching morning and evening. mid day too if necessary
  • do my toning class at the gym
  • watch my posture

Good night!

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  1. It seems like you have had a wonderful vacation. I've enjoyed seeing your photos. Enjoy your leisurely morning tomorrow and safe travels!


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