Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reader Q&A

Soooo...I asked about the sleeve lines in my last post about the Jule tulip sleeve shirt, and you guys answered!  Thank you!  I might play with this pattern some more sometime and see if I can fix that issue. I agree, the shirt is too long in the shoulder line. But I also think I didn't do a great job tracing the pattern. I think I'm actually going to cut the sleeve pattern directly out of the Jalie paper as I don't ever see myself tracing that piece out properly.

Now time for some of your questions, answered!
minestrone and corn chowder

Gwen wanted to know "where's the food"...there you go!   I cooked tonight, after dinner.  Those are in-progress shots, simmering away...minestrone and corn chowder.  Antoinette, when you were here, I forgot to add the pearl barley.  Oops!  I haven't experimented with new-to-me recipes for a while.  It's time to do that again soon.  I'm stuck in a cooking rut.

TracyKM wanted to know about swayback puddling. I don't know how to determine this without doing a muslin first, but it involves figuring out how much of a tuck needs to be taken, then transferring that tuck (just fold the pattern over) from the CB waist or slightly above it eventually folding to nothing at the side seam (that way the length of the dress at the side seam doesn't change). It's essentially what I did in my black Burda dress, only I fixed it on the fly by adding the horizontal seam at the waist and taking out the 1" tuck via the seam there. Also, like Jodie said, adding a CB seam and shaping that can help too.

The Slapdash Seamstress stated that it's hard to find good quality knits at Joann's. I  *adore* their $12.99 ponte roma knit--it feels "yummy".  But they also sometimes have good knits that aren't the ponte roma.   

Hrm, it felt like you guys asked more questions, but I guess not!

Health update:
  • still no bloodwork results from 7/29
  • got the authorization code--my brain MRI with contrast to rule out MS is Thurs morning.
  • my pelvic ultrasound is Monday afternoon.
  • I'm still feeling weird/slightly numb/lightheaded on and off.   I don't know what that's all about but I'm hoping the tests will figure it out or this just goes away on its own
  • I'm feeling burned out from managing my health.  :(
I finished the mindfulness based stress reduction course Monday night.   I thoroughly enjoyed it; it has changed the way I look at my back pain.  and I think I might have made some new friends from it too!

Be well and good night!!


  1. Yummm! Your soup looks delish. Hope your tests lead the way to a pain-free life. Good luck kiddo.

  2. I want a do-over with the pearl barley! I guess I'd have to get back to NJ for that, right?


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