Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greetings from Tucson, Arizona!

Greetings from Tucson!  It took 14 hrs to get here yesterday but it was worth it.
Today a colleague of mine and I went to the Desert Museum.  Gorgeous.
Holy cow there are a lot of cacti.  The stereotypical cactus is called the saguaro.
The only sewing related thing I've got is my corduroy jacket, which is Simplicity 2508.  You can see the funky lining peaking out as I hold up my hands.  Also I have to make a better hat.  It looks ridiculous.  Really.  Sorry Eddie Bauer.  I look like a 5 year old wearing my dad's hat.

Love how you can see me in the side mirror of this shot, wildly snapping pix of cacti.  I've never seen so many cacti before.  SO MANY.
View from my room at the hotel:
Can you see the mountains in the background?

Meg, we went to the French cafe this morning that your sister recommended.  It was FAB.  Delicious crepes.  I also got the French toast.  Yum!  Plus being on east coast time meant we got to beat the rush.
Tmw is the first day of workie at U of Arizona for a week.   I always enjoy visiting other campuses. 
Be well and good night!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's card for us sewists

You're sew sweet.  Every single one of you.  You really are.  Happy Valentine's Day!

You're Sew Sweet!  from Paper Source
 The card is from Paper Source, Princeton.

FYI:  There is the possibility that I might not get to sew at all this month. But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it!   And I'm still up for Tucson recommendations.  I'll be there the 18th-26th.

Be well and healthy, y'all!