Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waiting is living, too

I loves me some Budget Travel magazine--and with this last issue, a copy of Girlfriend Getaways was included. Their article about meditations for your vacation really struck a chord with me for my daily non-vacation life, such as :
  • Waiting is living, too
  • This problem is like a pleasure to me
  • My anger is my teacher
It might take me a while to get behind the second one, but I put the first one to good use several times yesterday.

Check it out:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Really Crafty

I really should start a crafting blog, or writing about my crafting, but so far, it hasn't happened.

However, I would like to document for posterity, that when I was walking into work the other day from the parking garage, I was carrying my owl bag as usual, and someone I didn't know asked me where I bought the bag!

That is the first time anyone has ever asked me where I *bought* something I actually made. And I had never seen her before.

She proceeded to tell me that she likes owls. I showed her the back and how it says "hoot" and she thought it was great. At that moment I wished I had my own etsy store, and very funky biz cards to hand out, and sort of envisioned this whole other world I could be living in, where I applique at my sewing machine all day.

And then I snapped back to reality and went to work!

Dodging a (water bottle) bullet

Went to a friends wedding this weekend. Somehow managed to avoid the ultra cute mini-water bottles that were next to the watermelon that was carved into the shape of a wedding couple (seriously!). Last night my parents and I ate out and when I asked for a cup of water, it was a styrofoam cup. Ugh. It's so disappointing and I really don't know what to do in that situation. I think in that case, it's better to ask for bottled water because it will actually be recycled instead of sitting in a landfill. I noticed the plastic cups at Panera are a 1! That is awesome, I can recycle them. Overall, so far, so good for August! Unfortunately we're coming down to the end of summer, sigh.

Seems weird that the Olympics aren't on tv anymore. It sort of became a staple of my night to listen to Bob Costas yammer on.

Oh, and my bottle count isn't right. I realized that I had a bottle of water from that very same restaurant back in July. So it's actually 21. Blackjack!