Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sewing Pattern Review 100% cotton contest: entered!

It's a beautiful fall day!
Hurrah! I have just entered the Sewing Pattern Review 100% cotton contest! You can read my review now or you can look at the fun Flickr album I have just created for this jacket which follows the evolution of the jacket, from cutting it out to the finish!

I don't have time to try to get the fit better in the chest area so it will have to do since the contest deadline is on Friday, Oct 31. Also, I wore it to work almost every day this week and my coworkers didn't notice the fit issue until I pointed it out so I think it's ok!

Here are some brief pix:

Outside of the coat...with that fun lining peaking through! The outside is 100% cotton uncut corduroy in "picante". It's a reddish color.
The funky 100% cotton Alexander Henry print lining.
The pleated sleeve cuff with topstitched sleeve extension.

Now it's on to making pjs for Debbie for her b-day (which will be my last entry for the Stash contest, most likely)! And then I probably won't get to sew very much for a while because of my main work project, a 2 week vacation, and Pete's visit for 3 months. I really enjoyed the run at sewing I had since August. I'm sure I will get to sew now and then during the rest of the fall and start of the winter but I won't have as much time to sew.

Happy fall, everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Special 100% cotton contest preview! plus yesterday's sewing

Warning: hair was not done for the pix! Some skin is being shown!

Why is it that I start to wake up on Sunday nights?
Today I worked on my 100% cotton lined jacket for the, you guessed it, 100% cotton contest. I got it to a point so I could wear it out to dinner tonight with a former coworker of mine. He's in town for a work retreat, and I wound up seeing several former coworkers--they all were looking at my outfit but no one said anything about it (note, I did not go outside in my sweatpants and raglan shirt)...This jacket has an amazing lining which they can't see of course--but the outside is a bit big. That's good for layering (I wore the purple cowl neck I made yesterday and my favorite brown jacket underneath this new jacket). So I don't know what they were thinking--that the front seaming looks a bit odd...or that it was too big or whatever. Here it is unbuttoned as I see it lying here in bed..I adore that lining! And it doesn't look so bad from far away. I'm thinking of changing the button. I'm also thinking of making it smaller. Hmm...I could also make it into a long A-line style coat...hmmm....but it is already quite heavy as it is (the outside is 100% cotton uncut corduroy, the interior is 100% cotton quilters cotton).

Yesterday I made some things for the Stash Pattern Contest. Well, I "get" one point for make 3 garments from one pattern package (This time, McCalls 4664). I wanted to make the halter top but wound up making the skull cap and pullover shirt as well (isn't the cap just ADORABLE! I mean, it's not a real swimmers cap but it is so adorable--I will definitely make more of those in fleece!)

I wasn't sure if I should post the bikini top pix but I figured if I'm going to wear it on Waikiki Beach, I can wear it in my blog (and on SPR). [This line of thinking is, of course, subject to reconsideration!)

Then I tackled Simplicity 3634. It was a fast sew--just one hour--and it features my new cowl-neck obsession. I bought the pattern last weekend so it doesn't count for the stash contest, though.

And here's one of the feral cats taking a snooze this afternoon on my lawn chair. Awwww!

Last weekend's blue sewing

Eek, this weekend's already half over and I haven't written about last weekend's sewing yet!
Well, it was very "blue".
First I fixed the New Look 6762 "disaster shirt". There was just something wrong with the drafting of the pattern, specifically the length of the collar band, as confirmed by other Sewing Pattern Reviewers. I thought about how to "fix" the shirt on and off for a few weeks--and with the stash contest deadline looming, I finally got down to business last weekend and fixed it! After a few tries, I wound up adding a casing underneath the collar band and put elastic in it, and that created a "gathered" effect that also covered up the shoulder darts. I am thinking about trying to make a turtleneck using this kind of effect.

I used the same knit aqua colored fabric to make the "goddess" shirt Simplicity 3536--but the deep cowl neckline and overly tight torso means I won't be wearing this one outside the house--ever! It looks good on me just standing there, but it's not practical. And forget bending over!

Then I made another stash pattern--New Look Tunic 6677 in a similar blue color. I changed up the collar to a ruffle a la Clever Girl...(no collar stand for me, though). Overall I was proud of how carefully I lined up the stripes and whatnot and how my V-neck is not all puckered. On the other hand, I think this top kinda looks like pjs!

What do you think???

Of course these have all been Sewing Pattern Reviewed.

I sewed more today but I am so tired and must get to sleep, so a post about today's sewing will have to wait! No work this weekend (hurrah!). My choices for tomorrow are:
a. Start sewing my new jacket for the latest SPR contest (100% cotton)
b. Clean up my house, do chores, go grocery shopping, do laundry.
c. A combo of a and b.

Which one do you think I'll choose?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Masters Jacket

I just won the Masters! Can't you tell? Tiger, are you proud of me?

I spent 8 hours last Saturday on this jacket, my first lined jacket ever. I had another low-thread moment, this time with green thread. I think I would have done a lot more topstitching but it was another squeaker as far as thread was concerned...of course I didn't realize it until I had to wind the bobbin a good 2/3 of the way through...

I adore the lining. Can't you tell? I really struggled with which lining to use. And quite frankly, that lining almost became my Sense and Sensibility chemise last week! I had the fabric out with the green fabric and together they really "clicked". But I had planned on using a brown rayon with sort of lime green flowers instead. I'm so glad I used this lining. Also loved the use of bias tape to finish off the interior facing. I'm definitely going to use that technique on the inside of the brown jacket I made a few weeks back. I adore that jacket. I wear it to work 2-3 times a week. It is by far my favorite and most worn item of clothing I've ever made (well, besides my beloved sleep tunics!)Of course, this green jacket has been Sewing Pattern Reviewed.


This is the most relaxed I've felt all week! It's also somewhat warm again!

I'm feeling all wild and crazy and thinking about entering the Sewing Pattern Review 100% cotton contest. Well, I signed up for it, but haven't made the item yet and am not 100% sure that I will. Unlike the Stash Pattern Contest, there is only one entry per person, thank goodness! I have already chosen a pattern and let's see if I actually make it!

If I had oodles of time I would make lots of stuff this weekend for the stash contest, but time is running in short supply lately. What I'd like to make for the stash pattern contest:
  • tunic
  • dress
  • swimsuit-y gym top
  • safari shirt
  • fix the disaster shirt (by finishing it, it would count for the stash contest)
If I weren't working on Sundays to try to keep up at work, I *might* be able to make all those things in the next 3 weekends. But I don't think it's going to happen!

New patterns purchased that I'd like to make:
  • bathrobe
  • pattern for 100% cotton contest
  • funky vogue turtleneck shirt
  • two different New Look wrap style shirts
  • New Look jacket pattern
Other things to fix/make:
  • add double fold bias tape inside of brown jacket.
  • add lace to bottom of the white chemise.
  • birthday present for Debbie
  • giftmas present for Michele
  • probably a batch of giftmas aprons
  • hat for Pete
  • does Pete want pjs?
Time is in short supply! and I still haven't blogged about my green jacket that I made last weekend!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Prepping for the weekend

Trying not to acknowledge that I feel like a head cold is invading... sigh! And it's now cold here at night again. I may need to put the heat on soon.

Any ideas of something to read or something quick to watch for a good laugh??

Planning my sewing for the weekend. :) Unfortunately I think I have to do some work too to keep up, but maybe this time I'll limit it to 4 hours instead of 6 like last weekend.

On tap: What I'm hoping is a super-cute solution to the disaster shirt, maybe making a tunic out of a black pinstripe challis type fabric with NewLook 6677 (hope it's not a bad idea...) and maybe a jacket. And maybe a bikini top. Heh heh. Or maybe I'll just lie around in bed all day instead. Stay tuned!!

Happy Friday! As my good friend Bob would say, "Friday night's the night to howl!"