Sunday, March 25, 2012

argyle dress concept part 4: almost done

I feel like I've been working on this dress forever.
It's only been 10 days since I had the idea for this dress.

Thanks again for all your voting on the sleeves vs no sleeves issue.
I decided, sleeveless, collarless, but YES YES YES to piping.
Which I made myself for the very first time today.

Ok, so here's where it's at now.
argyle dress concept:  pretty much done
What's left to do?
The hem is horrible.  I will be ripping that out tmw night.  and rehemming.  And I need to iron the CB seam. and maybe fix the piping on the sleeves so that they are the same width?  The piping on the left armhole is not as wide as the piping on the right armhole.  I used the same cording so I must not have sewn as closely with my zipper foot on the right armhole.  You can see too the left armhole got a little stretched out....

argyle dress concept:  pretty much done
Here's a closeup of the neckline.
argyle dress concept:  pretty much done
My very own homemade piping:
piping I made myself.  yea!
More gory details later.
For now it's time for bed!
Be well!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

argyle concept dress part 3: sleeves or no?

I think my last post garnered the most comments I have ever received for a posting on this blog (28).

Thanks for speaking up and casting your vote. I will do the official tally with my next post, but early exit polls show that "with collar" had a strong initial lead, with "collarless" picking up steam as the week progressed.  However, it's projected that the collar option is the winner at the polls.

I decided to NOT do a collar though.  I'm thinking I will pipe the neckline. With piping I make myself.  Which I've never done before.  Ha ha ha ha ha!

New poll question:  Should I attach sleeves or leave it sleeveless?

If yes to sleeves, the elbow-ish length ones or shorter sleeve ones?
(the sleeves are just pinned in these pix)

argyle concept dress:  sleeves?
argyle concept dress:  sleeves?
Or sleeveless (I would pipe the armholes then too)
dress concept
I'm curious to hear what y'all think!
Oh, and here's my new red shiny convertible  toaster.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Be well!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

argyle dress concept part 2: peter pan collar or no?

Thanks for the comments already on my argyle concept dress from last night.
Here's a new idea I have:  how about a peter pan collar?
What do you think?  yea or nay?

argyle dress concept:  another option?
Or is it better like this:
dress concept
I probably won't get to work on this again til tonight, when I really should be cooking.  Maybe I can do a bit of both.
So please let me know in the comments, yea or nay to peter pan collar!

 Be well and enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disaster recovery: argyle dress concept

Oh, the StyleArc shirt that I pinned together in the last post--I sewed it Thursday night and it was a bust.  That'll be for another post.

I have this theory, or perhaps it's more of a superstition, about fabric, that once I make a wadder out of a particular piece of fabric, that fabric is doomed--anything else I try to make from it will also be a wadder.

I really hope that's not the case with this fabric.  Here's a new attempt at using this fabric.
dress concept
So on Friday morning I had the idea to make a vest out of the argyle Mood fabric. This morning I cut out the vest, held it up to me, and thought, hrm....dress???  But a whole dress out of argyle would be a bit much...and I don't have enough of the fabric anyway to make a dress now that I've cut I google image searched "argyle dress" and from some of the pix, came up with this idea:
dress concept
Right now it's basted together in a "I must know now before my head hits the pillow if this is going to work or not..." I can see where it needs tweaking, and I think I have some solutions. So I'm thinking, tmw morning I will rip it apart and properly sew it, fixing the little problems as I go....

It's not quite a frankenpattern--it's not combining two patterns--it's more like a mutant of one pattern.  It's  NewLook 6071, but the upper front and top of the upper skirt are morphed to what you see here.

I really hope it works out. 

Be well and good night!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Style Arc Demi Drape top version 2.0, now in progress

Style Arc demi drape top version 2, in progress

So at the very end of last year, I sewed the Style Arc Demi Drape top. It's a great top but that inset is just too low for my taste. I wound up wearing it with a cami under the cami inset because it's just so low.

Tonight I cut out the next version, this time with an argyle double knit from Mood and brown double knit from Joann's.   I cut the inset about an inch and a half higher.

In the picture it is just pinned, and I'm thinking of recutting the inset so that the diamond smack dab in the middle is turquoise instead of brown...what do you think?

Also I am hot on the trail of some white pin dot on navy fabric to make a super super super cute Burda dress. I bought this swiss dot fabric on etsy more than a month ago. It was listed as being from the 60's, estate find kind of fabric.  I asked all sorts of questions about the fabric before buying it (is it see through? does it wrinkle if you scrunch it in your hands?).

 I also asked if it smells.  The seller said she can't smell.  I can verify, it smells.  Smells so much, I don't want to wash it in with my regular clothes or towels or sheets or anything because I don't want that smell transferring to anything I own.

I would just get rid of it except it is really hard to find pin dot fabric that is not quilting cotton.
funky fabric
So it's been outside, in the elements, for more than a month.  Each week I go outside and smell it.  Finally it is starting to lose its smell.  The fabric has the sort of "tufted" right side (on the left of the photo) and the non-tufted back (right side). I'm thinking if I sew with this fabric, I might sew with the wrong side as the right side. (In real life, the fabric doesn't have that reddish circle; that's just my camera).

In other news, here's dinner tonight.  Chicken fried rice from Cook This Not That, roll and vegan brownie from Whole Foods.  I *love* the vegan brownies from WF.  I don't love their vegan chocolate mousse, but the brownies are delish.

chicken fried rice from Cook This Not That
My mini-daffodils came up on Thursday when it got really warm:
And the library books for this week.  Now you know where I'm going next!  Hopefully I'll get to see Vanessa while I'm there.
library books for the week

And to CarrieKaye:  I would have replied directly to you but your blogger profile is not public.  I'm so glad you got to meet Suede! He is incredibly friendly. and his twitter feed is fun too. Thanks for letting me know you got to meet him and got his autograph!  Share pix if you have them!

Be well everyone and good night!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cacti: they're surrounding me!

Still no sewing--but I have highlights from Tucson!

So, I was at the University of Arizona for a work trip.
Here's a prickly pear cactus at U of A:
University of Arizona
Saguaros in U of A's Cactus Garden:
University of Arizona
Decorative cacti:
University of Arizona
There was a paved trail next to the hotel that is alongside the dry river bed that fills up when the monsoons happen in the summer. It was totally dry the entire time I was there. 40's at night but 70's in the day. Perfect.
trail next to the Windmill hotel
Good night, sun!
trail next to the Windmill hotel
Friday afternoon we were set free. A colleague of mine and I went to Sabino Canyon in his convertible.

A tram ride takes you into into the heart of the canyon. Ours was narrated by a guy who loves his job. It was a riot, and a good way to draw a line under the work for the week and mark the fun part of the trip.

I don't remember what this tree is called; but it is outnumbered by cacti:
Sabino Canyon
I love this to demonstrate just how many cacti there were:
Sabino Canyon
We disembarked at tram stop 9, I believe, and started our little hike up the canyon:
Sabino Canyon
Looking into the canyon:
Sabino Canyon
Look at how blue the sky was!
Sabino Canyon
Sabino Canyon
Unsuccessful at pushing this boulder over:
me at Sabino Canyon
My hiking companion Ron and moi:
Sabino Canyon
getting an idea of the vastness of this place:
Sabino Canyon
Dinner that night was at Cafe Posa Cosa, at Meg's sister's recommendation. It was not your typical Mexican; very cool.
dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa
The next morning I said goodbye to Ron and his convertible and hello to a Yaris.

First I went back to Ghini's French Cafe, for some crepes and eggs. YUM.
breakfast at Ghini's French cafe (before)
breakfast at Ghini's French cafe (after)
Then I hit the road and drove to Saguaro National Park East:
Saguaro National Park East
Pretty amazing, right???
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
I hiked the Loma Verde Loop, a 3.4 mile trail, by myself. I can't say that was a smart thing to do, but I made it back in one piece.

This was taken on the Pink Trail Spur, ~60 feet elevation. That strip of shade was all the shade that was out there.
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop, Pink Hill Trail Spur
Pretty amazing view.
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop, Pink Hill Trail Spur
Cactus close up:
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop, Pink Hill Trail Spur
And even closer:
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
And closer still (different cacti):
 detail of cactus spines, Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
So many cacti:
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
When they die:
DSC080Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop68
Sometimes cacti look like people (or maybe Gumby):
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
I was surprised by the life in the desert. I saw (and heard) birds, flies, kangaroo rats (which looked like chipmunks to me, scurrying across the road) and even encountered two women on two horses while on the trail. Also, this bee made friends with me:
killer bee on my hand, Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
Did I mention, so many cacti?
Saguaro National Park East
Saguaro National Park East, Loma Verde Loop
I hope to sew next weekend. Maybe even cut something out during the week. Maybe. Be well and good night!