Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Falling off the no-bottled water bandwagon

So after the high point of May, when I drank no bottled water AT ALL, I slid into June.
2 bottles were consumed at a friend's (hot) outdoor party.

And then came July. and a trip to Hershey. For 4 days. In 95 degree temperatures.
I didn't keep track, but I think one bottle was consumed on Saturday, 2 each on Sun and Mon, and maybe 1 on Tuesday? Then on Thursday we went to the movies, there's another bottle. and Friday we went to a ball game, there's goes another.
Total for July: 8.

3 pre-England trip, 2 post-England trip, 1 at the family party, 1 pre NOLA trip, 1 during NOLA trip (argh!), 2 post-NOLA trip, 2 in June, 8 in July = 20!!

However, normally by this point I would have consumed around 560 bottles. So 20 isn't so bad. But it ain't zero!!

Here's hoping for 0 in August.

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