Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kwik Sew 3740 done

KS 3740 done
Hey triangle hair!

Oh hello 4 day weekend, how I love thee!
I finished up Kwik Sew 3740 today. This was my first KS pattern. I was inspired by the many versions of this shirt Leslie wore at PR weekend Austin.

My impressions:
  • the pattern is printed on real paper
  • the SAs are 1/4 inch as the directions are very pro-serger
  • I didn't see a diagram as to how to position the pattern on the fabric.
  • Although the envelope said it takes 1 5/8 I think it's more like 2 yards (the undercollar was not cut on the fold but rather at a jaunty angle, and it has a CF and CB seam--but since it's the undercollar you can't see it).
So, when I last discussed the shirt, I was annoyed that the SA of the cowl was visible.
Kwik Sew 3740 visible edge
So, Marie commented that she had read on someone's blog that they sewed the SA of half the collar then flipped it to the other side....this way the SA stays hidden. Great idea! I ripped out the stitching for the lower part of the front cowl, then made a snip and flipped the SA to the other side:
KS 3740 in progress
The SA is now hidden in the front, but the cowl doesn't scoop as nicely, especially when worn.(oh, and why not flip the SA to the other side all the way around the neckline?  Because depending on how the cowl is draped, the SA would then show on the outside of the back collar/shoulder).
Anyhoo, here's what it looks like when the collar is flipped up, looking under the hood.  On the right side you can also see my CF undercollar seam (if you have enough fabric, you won't have a CF undercollar seam):
KS 3740 done
The undercollar is much smaller than the upper collar, so that it pulls the upper collar under and thus hides the outer seam; isn't that cool?
KS 3740 done
There is some swayback pooling:
KS 3740 done
Oh, and of course I twin needle stitched the hems. The sleeve hem is a tight one because the sleeve is so narrow at the edge; I couldn't get the sleeve around my sewing machine.

Overall, I generally love the draping cowl, and I love how it doesn't droop into a v shape. I love that it's not too low cut.  But I have to work with fitting and size.  Speaking of which, this made me laugh; surely you jest Kwik Sew!  I cut a medium but then wound up sewing almost an extra-small in the shoulders, medium sleeves and almost small in the torso.

KS 3740
KS 3740 done
I will make this shirt again, especially without sleeves for summer.

I'm getting the urge to buy a dressform again but as usual I'm larger on the bottom than on the top. Back to investigate dressforms again? Also thinking of buying a lounge chair for my sewing room. Hrm.

And in case you didn't see, PR Weekend 2012 (May 18-20) is in NYC! Mark yer calenders! and yes, I'm going!
Be well and good night (ab muscle is feeling much better, phew!)!


  1. Nice top with just the right amount of neckline drape.

  2. I love the color you chose for this top. It looks very pretty on you!

  3. It looks great on you! The collar is very pretty and so is the color. Now I'll have to look at my kwik sew patterns for that warning, I can't believe they would say such a thing!

  4. Very nice top!! The color is perfect, and I like how the drape of the cowl neckline came out.

  5. It's a lovely little top. You could also iron the seam allowance to the inside and slip stitch in place. It's a little extra work but might make the cowl behave the way you want.


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