Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Look 6968: the horse is alive, though still in progress

Ah, I had one of those classic struggles with this dress, New Look 6968, view C.

Started it a month ago, ran into an unusual problem for me with New Look: the chest was too big!  It was like it was for a C cup .

Lost all desire to work on the dress.

So now, one month later, I picked it up again.

Used my dress form to turn the under bust darts into princess seams (and recut side panels so they wouldn't have side darts anymore).

Then it was too tight.  I played with those princess seams a lot.  I felt like I was beating a dead horse.  Should I give it up to the wadders?  I played with those princess seams even more, and then I let out the side seams.
And then I added the collar (but not the facings yet).
And now it looks like this.  Turns out the horse is alive!

New Look 6968 day 2 in progress
Waaay better.
New Look 6968 day 2 in progress
Here on Becky:
New Look 6968 day 2 in progress
New Look 6968 day 2 in progress

MUCH better.

So much better that I may be inspired to work on it after work during the week, ha ha ha!  (that generally never happens).

I can't tell you how relieved I am!  It's a little Parisian, a little 60's Mad Men, a little Cub Scouts den mother, a little flight attendant.  I'm liking the direction it is heading!

Look at the goodness in my garden!
Pumpkin A 9 days after conception, photographed on 8/18/12

I have a whole flickr album devoted to my mini-pumpkins (they are actually gourds called Jack Be Little). I have even labeled my gourds like the fake botanist I am!

Princeton Farmers Market flowers for this week, bright zinnias (the green ones are my favorite!)
Farmers Market Flowers

Be well!


  1. Oooh. The detailing is lovely on this dress.
    I think your dress form is really worth having.

  2. Keep pushing along with this one, as it is looking brilliant. Lovely smooth lines and fantastic colour on you...

  3. Great perseverance! I think the dress looks good. This pattern has been on my radar for some time. I think I will change the darts to princess seams first and then make the muslin. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aren't you glad you didn't give upon that dress? It's going to be beautiful. Good work. Love your flora.

  5. This is looking so gorgeous in a beautiful fall color. Definitely keep going with it!


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