Sunday, January 13, 2013

Firsts of 2013

Sorry, Flickr won't cooperate tonight and won't show my rotated pix as rotated.

I am still fitting the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers.
I started on Dec 31.  I'm on muslin #4.
And still have far to go.
Luckily I'm enrolled in "Altering Pants" on, and Angela Wolf started helping me fit them to my body last weekend.

That necessitated buying my first bolt of muslin.

Bolt o' muslin
A whole bolt of muslin is actually kind of dreamy.
Finally my first wearable garment off my new sewing machine and my first underwear of the year!
First item/undies of the year
Black Fabric: hmmm...probably Joann's.
Iron-On Patch that wouldn't iron on, so I sewed it on: Definitely Joann's.
Hot pink elastic: Pacific Trimming, NYC, MPB Day

I think it's adorable.
First item/undies of the year
I made chicken pot pie tonight, from scratch, even down to the cornmeal crust. The kitchen looked like my sewing room does after a project. 
chicken pot pie totally from scratch
The recipe from Cook This Not That is MUCH better, but in that recipe I used store-bought phyllo dough and I liked the idea of the from-scratch-ness of this recipe.

Sadly, the cornmeal crust didn't taste like much. It probably needs a boatload of butter and some sugar to make it better, ha ha.  The filling doesn't have any milk product at all.  Traditional pot pie has cream and lower-cal ones use skim milk.  This one just uses chicken broth.

I'd say this dish is like the wearable muslin of cooking.  I'm going to eat it (well, the filling at least) but it's not going to be made in this form again.
But it looked adorable in the cookbook in red ramekins:
it looked cute...
I hadn't been to the PPL for a while and it was fun to browse during lunch last week. SO many books I couldn't carry them all, so I got these to start:
Princeton Public Library books this week
I leave you with this.
Ardmore Farmers Market LOVE
I helped my friend Debbie learn a bit more about her sewing machine last weekend (which was really fun to hear her reaction especially as she didn't know her machine had so many features, like automatic threading). That was another first, showing a friend new sewing machine features.
We went to the Ardmore Farmers Market so I could relive some college memories.
Ok, ONE more.
Ardmore Farmers Market LOVE
Well, just ONE more.
Ardmore Farmers Market LOVE
Ok, this is what I really came for:
Ardmore Farmers Market LOVE
The same woman who served me in college served me last weekend. With the same chocolate chip cookies I adore.  LOVE.  Almost as good as mine.  Different than mine.  But yummy.
Be well!


  1. Happy New Year. Love the theme undies and congrats on the new sewing machine. I love the bolts of muslin at Joanns and it comes in handy having it at the house when you're in the middle of a project.

  2. Congratulations on buying a bolt of muslin. I've yet to achieve this goal.
    And that's the first chicken pot pie I've seen. I've heard about it but not seen it.
    Stay well Kyle.

  3. Nice undies. With a little embellishment that says you are a sewist! Cooking, like sewing, is sometimes a hit and miss. Love your photos of the food, though. That white cake with the spikey frosting is interestig.

  4. Hey! Happy New Year! Yeah, baking without a lot of animal product requires quite a bit of spice and herb to enhance plant flavor. Ideas for the filling, if you didn't use these: mushroom, fennel, thyme. For the cornbread: sage, whole kernel corn, some kind of pepper. Savory is delicious!!!!!!!

  5. Somehow I just believe those pants you are working on will be fabulous! Also, I think I will have to start making myself some undies (and not just my kids) after seeing all the lovely ones you have made!

  6. The underwear is so cute--love that hot pink elastic!

  7. J'adore the panty patch! So unexpected, so sweet. As for the cornmeal crust, most good cornmeal muffins/breads have at least as much wheat flour as corn meal in them, and leavening agents (baking powder, baking soda and salt and cream of tartar, f'rinstance) and, yeah, some sugar and oil. A thin roux would thicken your gravy w/o milk -- or some beurre blanc.

  8. I ventured into New Recipe Town this weekend too. I am going to *cough* try *cough* to make a new soup every Sunday. Yesterday's journey took me to a spicy red lentil soup made with onions, coconut milk, lemongrass, and some other stuff. It would have tasted a lot better with some naan bread and a lil less spice. It's edible and worth a second try.

  9. Muslin #4 ~ I don't feel so bad. For my pants, I'm starting muslin #2 tomorrow!

  10. I've been putting coconut milk in some very interesting recipes lately and loving it.
    The only time the coconut came on strong was clam chowder which an extra big pinch of thyme took care of.

    I adore the panties. I am going to have to make some this year.

  11. Good luck with the pants fitting! I have a few patterns picked out to see if I can make some pants too. Love the undies! I love chicken pot pie, too, but never made it from scratch. Looks delicious,

  12. Nice designs! So you’re sewing undies? How did you make this? I think you should post a tutorial on how to make DIY undies. That would be cool, right? I’m sure some of your readers who love sewing will love this idea.


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