Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Sewaholic Renfrew in Radiant Orchid-ish....

A larger post on my brand new Sewaholic Renfrew is coming soon.  Here's a sneak peak...the sweater knit is purple, one of my orchids that has not bloomed since 2010 is about to bloom, and Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid.  Put that all together and you get this:

Sewaholic Renfrew
In other news, it snowed.
After the snow.  1/22/14
Quite a lot for NJ.
After the snow.  1/22/14
I'm going to try to write a big Renfrew post tmw!  Soooo excited!

Be well!


  1. I like the Renfrew and great color. What is it about this pattern, it is just such a winner.

  2. You have an orchid that is re-blooming.
    My first timers (3) from last year are all in different stages of re-bloom - one's about to pop open.
    I left them in their little supermarket pots.
    Did you re-pot yours?
    I let them dry out, then water with bit of African violet food ~2 weeks or so.
    Curious as to what you do.

  3. Great top and nice color Kyle. I can see it pairing up with lots of things.

  4. Love this! Man I need the Renfrew pattern!

  5. Beautiful top Kyle! Your hair looks great, too.

  6. Your top came out great, K. The one and only orchid I ever had died and I don't know why. I have plants in my house that are over 10 years old and they're doing quite well. I am happy to see blooms on your orchid!

  7. You're so on top of things, getting into radiant orchid at the beginning of the year! Pretty snow pic with the sunset.


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