Monday, December 29, 2014

Olympus Sashiko #240: Dragonflies in Hot Pink

After being pressed with the Elna press.  The directions in my sashiko book say not to press the stitching because it will flatten the stitches, but I think it looks fine.
I am totally addicted to sashiko!

I started this one on Saturday night and finished it Sunday night, while watching Mimi G's Sewing Conference DVD set.

I pressed it today with my Elna press (very first picture).
This is Olympus Sashiko #240, dragonflies.
I used Olympus thread, #21, hot pink.

The stitching is wonky and not perfect but I am giving myself a pass because I am just learning this technique.
The pattern is pre-printed on so you stitch over the printing.
I'm still figuring out the best way to hold the needle and do the stitching.  The fabric for this kit is of a much lighter weight compared to the fabric for the coasters, and I was able to get 6 to 8 stitches per pass of the needle, as opposed to 3 at a time with the coaster kit.
It is supposed to be a pillow kit....I'm not sure if I will make it into a pillow or a wall hanging or just let it be...
I loved Crafty Tokyo Momma's suggestion on my last post to make the dragonflies a different color from the grid, but I had already started stitching the dragonflies at that point.
I'd love to make an animated gif from these pix.
But flickr doesn't host animated gifs, so what is the point of making it if flickr won't host it?

Olympus Sashiko Kit #240 Dragonflies
Stitching was finished here, but the piece was not yet pressed.

Oh and I think I took all of these pictures upside down.

I have three more coasters to do (one and a half coaster kits) of the same designs  I stitched up on Thurs and Fri.  I ordered some more and different kits today online.

When I sew, it requires all my concentration for pretty much the entire process, except hand stitching labels or hand stitching linings to garments.  But with sashiko, I can watch a class and stitch at the same time.  I think I might actually get to watch some of my Craftsy and Pattern Review class stash!

Fear not, I have not abandoned sewing--I finished a tank top for the gym today.  You'll see it in the next post or two.

Be well!

p.s. For my future reference, this is the setting I used for my Elna Press while pressing sashiko:
I pressed it face down with a pressing cloth on top:
Ok, still be well!


  1. Kyle, that's fantastic, the dragon flies look great. Have a happy new year!

    1. Thanks, Dilliander! Happy new year to you too!

  2. They look like they could fly off the them! And so nice to see Sashiko done in a bright color!

  3. Kyle it's very pretty. Hope you have a great new year.

    1. Thanks Summer Flies! You have a great new year too!

  4. Stunning in hot pink.

    Please don't share any more pictures of your Elna press. I am overcome with lust for sewing tools that aren't in my sewing room.

    1. Thanks Kathy! You may need to avert your eyes--I will probably write a post about the Elna Press in the coming weeks. It is such an amazing tool!

  5. Beautiful Kyle! Your stitches look perfect to me. I love the hot pink color. I agree that it looks fine after pressing. You have been quite productive this week!

    1. Thanks Tomasa! I guess I've been scratching that itch to stitch this week!

  6. Beautiful work. I've always wondered about sashiko. It's so visually impactful. What sashiko book are you using?

    1. Thanks E! The book I'm using for general directions is "Sashiko Style". You can see it in this post from June:

  7. You are truly amazing. What detail!


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