Tuesday, December 27, 2016

VTL Calendar Giveaway Winners


Thank for all your kind and funny comments to make me smile and laugh! 

Congratulations to the following blog commenting winners! I picked my 5 favorite comments and a bonus winner:

MaryEllen, Faye Lewis, AngelatheCreativeDiva, Regina C Dee, jsews, and Pencil Girl.  

Please send me your mailing address by 7am Dec 30 at kdburkhardt at yahoo.com and I'll ship 'em out, otherwise another winner will be selected. The IG winners are already posted on IG. 

Thanks for playing!

Be well!


  1. Super excited!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you Kyle, can't believe I won! A professional looking bag is in my 2017 plans. Sweeeeet!!

  3. Yeah !!! Thanks Kyle . I also have plans for a great looking bag thanks to your inspiration!!! Thanks soooooo much !

  4. Congratulations to the winners, sad to see I am not among them but not to worry, next time I gonna get it.

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