Saturday, August 29, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2009

We actually chose the Riverview over the picnic place. Now we're trying to decide between the Riverview and the White Sands (actual on the beach wedding, ceremony and reception in same place, and has a motel attached to boot). We'll see.

But now we're in Myrtle Beach! Highlights so far:
  • Pete saying he hopes they serve a "coma" on the plane, before we take off.
  • Watching the people deplane from their Honolulu flight at Newark airport, in their Hawaiian garb, carrying Hawaiian stuff.
  • Going grocery shopping at Food Lion and we both thought we saw Jon Gosselin.
  • Being called "Ma'am" by everyone.
  • Hearing Southern accents again.
Here's something you won't be seeing at our wedding (in the parking lot of Food Lion):
What you won't see at our wedding

What's on tv:
I took some other pix, in our new Myrtle Beach 2009 album. but I doubt I'll be uploading many of them, it takes forever to upload pix here at the condo.

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  1. Not the answer I anticipated, but I know it was a well-considered decision. :) Have a nice trip!


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