Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another crack in the bottled water plan

So, I didn't stick with my own bottled water rules. One of them was that I would ask for tap water at parties. I went to a family party last Sunday and the host asked what I wanted to drink. I replied, "water" and he brought me a cold bottle of water. and it was Dasani, which is just filtered tap water. I took the bottle. I didn't feel like I knew him well enough to say, sorry, I can't drink from this bottle of water. Or maybe it's more accurate to say, I didn't feel like explaining it all. Lesson learned. Next time the answer is, "just tap water please."

So, bottles of water consumed to date: 3 pre-England trip, 2 post-England trip, 1 at the family party=6 for the year. By now, I normally would have consumed approx 200 bottles since the start of the year.

Suddenly a ton of my energy has come back. I went to "centergy" class at the gym this morning, which is a combo of pilates and yoga. I haven't taken pilates or yoga for a long while, and I forgot how difficult it is (though this is the first time I've ever taken "centergy"). The class was really packed, too. That gym is crazy busy. I really want to go to groove tomorrow, but it's at 8:30am. On a Sunday. Which means getting up at like 7:40 and trying to shove breakfast down. It's hard for me to eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. But I really like the way I feel after groove, and I couldn't go to class on Friday because of the snow.

After the gym I made my first trip (wow, two firsts in one day!) to the PA Dutch Farmer's Market, which was really neat and had yummy yummy BBQ pork sandwiches. I'm sure that sauce was loaded with sugar, but it was good. Mmmm... Tonight I went to Target to buy gifts for my friend's daughter for her birthday, and something for her brother, and I did the grocery shopping, half the laundry and cleaned upstairs. I think I've got my mojo back. I want to try to do some sewing tomorrow, wrapping and I want to finish off the reviews of Hawaii and other places that Canister vac and I started long ago. I think this desire to finish off the reviews is because I'm working on documentation at work, and the reviews are like unfinished documentation. Oh, and I want to cook dinner too, and wash all the cups from the week. Does the excitement ever end?

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