Saturday, February 9, 2008

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl

Tonight's subject is a tribute to Groove (gym class).

Hey now, big excitement on the environmental front. Tonight was the first night I used cloth bags at the supermarket! I only brought three, which wasn't enough, but I'll bring more next time. Very exciting! I do use the plastic grocery bags for my kitchen trash, but this will allow my plastic bag stash to dwindle.

Things are still going well on the no-bottled-water front. Or good enough. One of the plastic sports bottles I bought is not even on the bottom, so it wobbles! Another somehow lost its knobby plastic piece that keeps the water from coming out, but I didn't know that until I threw it into my cotton tote bag and realized that water was dribbling out of my bag onto the sidewalk! At the gym someone walked by my ramp with a mat in hand, and their mat knocked over my sports bottle (different bottle than the other two just mentioned) in such a way that it released the cap and the water starting pouring out onto the floor. Thankfully my hand towel was right there to soak up the water.

On Sundays I wash all my plastic cups from the week (12-ish) and plastic bottles (3-ish). At work I wash my cup at the end of the day or sometime during the day. But it's not such a big deal. I'm also using a plastic bowl for cereal, so I wash my bowl and spoon at work. It's all very easy.

Otherwise, I've stepped up my gym visits to 4 per week and am eating better than ever--lots of fruit and veggies. I'm also more tired than ever. Are they related?

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