Saturday, August 21, 2010

Myrtle Beach day 1

So my uncle and his family vacationed in Panama City, Florida a few weeks ago and sent the link to the hotel's web cams. I actually started viewing the webcams while sewing, which made me feel like I was actually sitting on a hotel balcony, watching the pool and beach. Which got me thinking about going on vacation. So now I'm back in Myrtle Beach for a few days!!

I'm staying at the same hotel I was at 7 years ago. I've already been to Shoney's, K&W, and the Food Lion. I've walked along the beach up to my calves in the water, and watched the moon over the ocean, and just moments ago I've signed up for Twitter so you can read all about my vacation as I tweet the next 4 days!

I'm having trouble uploading my pix at the moment, so maybe tmw there will be posted pix....

Noteworthy moments so far:
  • Driving to EWR at 7am on a Saturday morning: easy peasy.
  • Parking in daily parking at EWR: easy peasy.
  • AirTrain: easy peasy.
  • Elite bag drop and security each took half an hour, eating up all my time for breakfast at the diner in the airport.
  • Flight arrived 50 minutes early to MYR but no gate was available. Half an hour later, we were allowed off the plane at one of those "ramp" type things where you're actually walking on the tarmac. People were grumpy, but we were still early! (Another passenger said "don't sugarcoat it")
  • Toddler on plane was wearing a t-shirt with the phrase "I need a vacation!" on it.
  • MYR airport is undergoing a renovation
  • Car rental line took 45 minutes, then another 15 to actually get the car.
  • I made it to the Shoney's breakfast buffet at 1:50pm (buffet closes at 2pm).
  • The ocean water is warm!
  • I saw a couple getting married. They were really young. Like 20.
  • I recognized several employees at Shoney's and K&W.
  • The hotel has lounge chairs...on grass!!
Good night!


  1. Shoney's good. I was a regular when working in Sumter, SC a long time ago. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I miss the south! I loved Myrtle Beach and all the beaches. In all the years we lived in the south, I don't we ever did go to Shoney's. But I did work at Food Lion before I had kids. =)


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