Saturday, August 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach day 8 / Return to Jersey

This morning I awoke at 6:30. Excellent timing for the sunrise. I took a bazillion sunrise pix which are in my Myrtle Beach 2010 album if you want to see them all.
This gives you the idea.

Here's when it was going up. I wanted to yell to all the people walking away from it "you're missing the sunrise!!!"

And here's the last pic I took:

And here's it's reflected in the slider:
reflection in the balcony door

I did the jumble (am stuck on the last word and the puzzle), did all my stretches, got dressed, and packed packed packed. Got out of there and drove to K&W for my final meal, a K&W breakfast (my first of the trip!). Shoney's can be packed on the weekends and by that point I didn't have time to waste.
K&W breakfast
Believe me, I wouldn't have applied that much syrup to the french toast. But it was good--tasted just like my mom's!

The Myrtle Beach airport was such a zoo. I have visited during the summer previously and never saw such craziness for car rental return or the security line (40 minutes--that's longer than Newark, for a much smaller airport).

Walked back out to the plane and took a pic before boarding. Oh, and while waiting to board I recognized two people who had been seated in front of me on the flight out! They were on the same flight going back.
walkin' to de plane

Got comfortably seated in first class next to an incredibly anxious father who wanted to be seated near his children, who also got seats in first class. In fact, there were 8 children in first class out of 16 first class seats. What lucky kids!

It was disappointing to have the same pretzels as everyone else in coach, though beverages were served in real glasses during the flight. Plus there were drinks served before takeoff, and the Direct TV was free. Speaking of which, I watched a show called "Clean House" which is just another version of the old "Clean Sweep". It has inspired me to do some more decluttering.

I was the first person from my flight to the baggage carousel, and my bag was the fifth off the plane. Went to long term parking and got my car, but when I went to leave the only "green" lane was the EZ Pass lane, and I don't have that. I just stopped my car in front of all the booths. Finally I saw movement in one of the booths for credit cards/cash, but the light was red. I drove up to the booth and the woman said she said she was feeding a bird and forgot to turn the light on.

Now I'm home and have weighed myself to assess the week's worth of food damage, then went grocery shopping. I bought Irish Spring as deer deterrent for my impatiens. I know there's only about 6 weeks left for impatiens to bloom before the first frost, but I think I can get them to bounce back after the feast the deer had about 2 weeks ago. I should photograph them now as the "before" photo. I will Miracle Gro them tomorrow.

I honestly don't know when I'm going to sew again. It might not be for a while!

It is great to be home!

Good night!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Myrtle Beach vacation with us. I went there several years ago and loved the morning sunrises. I stayed in a hotel that had 16 floors and we were on the top floor so I got some great shots of the! You've brought back some wonderful memories...and now that you're back home I hope you think of this wonderful time this winter when the snow is 2 feet deep!


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