Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Basking in the glow of an organzied fabric stash

Here it is cookies---my reorganized fabric stash.    None of it is out in the open anymore!

From left to right, top to bottom:   All my ponte roma knits are together in the right side of cube 1, all my joann's or other knits are in cube 2, all my linen look, "nice gray suiting fabric" and lining fabric is in cube 3.

Cube 5 contains some lovely brown fabric; cube 6 is black fabric including tons of black eyelet I have...cube 12 has fleece and some flannel...and the rest of the cubes are mainly organized by color.

fabric stash closet #1

Then there's a sliver of another closet;  from top to bottom this contains:
ponte roma knit that I ordered on the internet that has horizontal lines in it?  No wonder it was on clearance. It would have cost more to mail it back than the refund I would have gotten, so it's for muslin...then some sweatshirt fabric, some outerwear fabric, and a huge amt of corduroy, most of it "uncut".  Then  a lot of rib knit, then flannel at the bottom.
fabric stash part of another closet

I found some real gems while reorganizing the stash and some fabric I liked at Joann's so much I bought it twice without realizing it!   I have twice as much black broadcloth than I  remembered.  and did I mention, some really nice gray suiting?

My scraps are going to the girl scouts.

The only fabric pieces that aren't in the closets are two pieces of embroidered linen look that I will use for muslins....and they are under the bathroom sink!

The best part was finding my coconut shell buttons I bought in Hawaii--they weren't in my button box so I had NO IDEA where they were...turns out they were with a UFO in the fabric closet.  The buttons on the left were purchased at the Hilo Farmer's Market in 2006 on the Big Island.  They were 50 cents each.  But the ones on the right....they must have been from 2008's trip and I don't remember where I bought them?  Maybe I should re-read my blog postings from that trip?  LOL.
coconut shell buttons from Hawaii

I used the flower buttons on the first jacket I ever made which was right before the Nov 2008 trip, as I recall, which was why I wanted to get more coconut shell buttons.  But why didn't I get more flower ones??  hrm.
the first jacket I ever made

I wore the Muse dress today and got tons of compliments at work and at the gym, yeah!

Here's the second part of the slow food reveal for Gwen.  It's split pea soup from the Prevention Slow Cooker recipe booklet thingie.    It's vegan.  I think next time I would use 4 cups vegetable broth and 3 of water instead of 4 and 4.  It didn't really smell good  while cooking til near the end.
split pea soup from Prevention Slow Cooker recipes

I see a urologist on Friday for my pelvic kidney--wish me luck!
Good night and be well!


  1. I have some of the Juicy Couture anchor fabric,too! And how cute are those turtle buttons. Don't you feel more motivated when the stash is organized? Good luck at your appointment.

  2. The cubes are excellent for storing fabric! I wonder if I can incorporate a system like that in my very small closet.

  3. Absolutely the best luck to you. All that healthy eating should help. Thank you for photographing your meals. I, being a vegetarian, am always interested in meatless food. Plus, you know I love the photos you take. Really, they look very professional. Isn't a fabric stash so--comforting?

  4. Nice fabric stash storage! It must be comforting to have it all organized and in one place!


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