Sunday, June 26, 2011

My dad, sewing, and other random stuff

farmer's mkt flowers: green and black eyed susans
Black and green eyed susans (and little purple flowers too) from the Princeton Farmer's Market

Thanks everyone for your suggestions about the serger threads (and to Noile for saying it's fine!)
I'm going to play around with it more maybe next weekend?  I'll keep you posted on if it's the thread, stitch width or knife cutter.

And thanks to debbie for offering up her NL6731.  I checked tonight and it turns out I had messed up your email address last weekend, so no wonder I never heard back from you!  Anyway, I found the pattern at Joann's yesterday, I guess they never purged it so I bought it.   yea!  :)  

The Joann's in Lawrenceville is undergoing a big renovation; looks like it will be double in size.  LOVE love love the improvements so far--the small, easy to push carts with the dedicated slot for fabric bolts, padded chairs for looking through pattern books, and brand new pattern drawers, yeah!   I wound up buying a bunch of Burdas.  I'm sort of stuck on my Vogue that I started on Monday, I kind of feel like it's not going to turn out.  So I'm eyeing up Burda 7696 as my next project.  I have several dresses I want to make but I never got around to sewing this weekend?

I did a bit of closet purging. Occasionally sewing bloggers write about their closets....I really don't know how you store everything you make!   Especially those of you making an entire outfit or more per week.

Anyway, someone who has been sewing is my dad! He never sewed a stitch in his life til mid-May, when he bought himself a Singer to tweak the fit on car seat covers, and to hem his sweatpants. He is now tailoring mom's pants and blouses. and he has even used a twin needle and said it worked FINE the first time! I'm impressed.
Here he is, in his den, with his sewing machine. My blog posting on success with twin needle stitching is on the monitor (though at this point he had only ordered the twin needles):
my dad and his sewing machine

Obviously he needs a better sewing table than some folding tables.  He said he will build himself one.
my dad, sewing

It was fun to give my dad sewing advice, and hear about his sewing adventures and show me his sewing work.
And here are my parents on the day before their 47th wedding anniversary. 
my parents, the day before their 47th wedding anniversary

Look what I found while weeding this week;  a hatched robin's egg!

blue robin egg, hatched!
I looked up into the tree and found the nest---with momma robin inside, watching me!  But I didn't see or hear the baby.   However, last night at least one more egg hatched and I spent a joyful breakfast outside, looking at the little baby and watching momma feed it, while I fed myself.

Oh, and here's a bit of the other side of the Jersey Shore. This is Sea Girt, NJ, two weekends ago.
Sea Girt Beach, june 12, 2011

Anyone lose their sunglasses?
missing sunglasses

Be well and good night!


  1. Wow, congrats to your parents! Love to see the east coast shoreline. How cool is that, your dad learning to use a sewing machine!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents! How wonderful. Go daddy, go!!

  3. Congrats to your parents for 47 years and your dad learning to sew.

    At least you found the NL pattern. If you lose a piece afain give a shout and it's yours.

  4. Congratulations to your parents, it's beautiful, 47 years giving and receiving love! And your father learning how to sew .... fantastico!!


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