Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick sewing and cooking

Thanks for your comments and suggestions for blind hemming.  Very much appreciated.  I will blog when I actually try it...and also thanks for your kind words about being the Member in Focus on  I was SO excited about it.

Here's my first sewing of the new year.  I haven't timed how long it takes me to make these now, but it's probably an hour and a half?  I'm much more careful with my sewing now, though I could have done a better job with the purple pair.  With the striped pair, I lined up the stripes on the side.

Fabric: TexStyles in Austin during PR Day Austin, Nov 2011. Left over scraps from the StyleArc shirt inset.
Elastic: Pacific Trimming in NYC, during the NYC shopping day in Sept 2011.

Kinda have a nautical or French style to them, no?
and the second UW of the year

Purple UW.
Fabric: Metro Textiles, NYC, while shopping with Antoinette, June 2011. Left over scraps from the Burda crazy ruffle dress.
Elastic: TexStyles in Austin during PR Day Austin, Nov 2011.
Definitely could have done a better job with them.
oh the inaugural UW of the year

This New Look pattern has been popping up in the blogosphere. I think I will sew it tmw, but the question is, in navy or gray?? Also there is a marvelous piping opportunity there and you know I don't like to pass up piping.
Next up:  NL 6067

It is National Soup Month and ironically I'm getting a bit tired of soup. I've been making quesadillas lately, using the recipe in Now Eat This Diet by Rocco DiSpirtio as a guide. I make mine with spinach instead of mushrooms, and with full fat mozzarella instead of reduced fat cheddar.  Here I served it with cantaloupe which was actually decent, especially for this time of year.
Chicken and Spinach quesadilla with canteloupe

Here are the books for this week. Just one library book, the cookbook.

I read Food Rules in January last year from the library but bought a copy this year. I highly recommend it; it's a fast read and nicely summarizes what I should be eating. It's beautifully illustrated.  I plan on reading it each January to renew my commitment to healthy eating.

In Austin I discovered the puzzle called KenKen. I just got my first KenKen book and am enjoying it!  I've also been doing the Daily Jumble online again.  I haven't been into a puzzle phase for years but right now I'm into it.
books this week
It's getting late.  I need to remind myself once again, sleep is a gift I can give myself.
Be well and good night!


  1. Cute knickers!!! Way too hot for soup here, more like Salad month.

  2. oh I've bought that New Look pattern to make when my waist returns post baby, so can't wait to see your finished version and your colour choice.

  3. Cute undies, and I love that dress pattern. It will look great on you. Please invite me to dinner! I need to get those "foodie" books you mentioned.

  4. Love the undies!!! I made sewing more regularly one of my resolutions. So hopefully I will finish the shirt I started last summer! I say gray for the dress!

  5. Definitely grey for the dress. I think navy would hide the lovely front pleating. I'm currently waiting for a delivery of patterns from the US (I'm in the UK) that includes that pattern.

  6. Hey girl, you are starting 2012 out with a bang. Love the underwear and that StyleArc knit top isn't too shabby either. Happy New Year!!!

  7. Feeling the grey! All about the soup -- might only have another couple weeks of cold temps so we are going all out.

  8. Some day I want to sew my own undies!
    If you're interested in food books, also check out Gary Taube's "Why We Get Fat" (don't be insulted by the title!). It's fascinating.


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