Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanks for the love, New Look! Plus your voting results

New Look featured my 6067 dress on their Facebook page on Tuesday--and it's not even finished yet!

New Look's Facebook page on 1/17/12 with my NL 6067 in progress dress:  Thanks for the love, New Look!

KID, MD let me know about it--it turns out NL also commented on my blog posting to let me know, but yahoo mail filtered the comment.

Thanks for the love, New Look!  You know I love you!

In my last post I asked for opinions on if the dress should have the slit or the V-neckline.  Well, the votes are in and the race was tight:  11 for the slit and 9 for the folded over look.  Two votes were cast for cap sleeves.

Concerns were voiced about the height of the top of the neckline for the slit.  I didn't fold over the 5/8 SA so that is why it looks so high.

Trumbelina asked about doing bust adjustments.  I don't think I can help with that question, but you could post it on the pattern review boards and see what others think.

Anyhoo, I am taking your advice into consideration.  The plan is to finish 6067 while it snows tomorrow.  Then it's supposed to be 55F on Monday, so I can wear the dress to work with a cardi and tights.

I have about 500 dresses I want to make. That may be an exaggeration. I have a LOT of dresses I want to make.  And I dropped significant $$ at Joann's 40% off their ponte roma double knit fabric this week.

Be well and good night!


  1. Very nice! A very nice compliment and you deserve it!

  2. I have lots of dresses I want to make, too. I really want to finish my SWAP, but the dresses keep calling me. Arrrgh!

  3. I just love it! You are an internet sensation! Got a questionable YouTube video to cement the deal? :) Congrats!

  4. Your dress looks great! The fit, the details, everything. Great job.


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