Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simplicity 2892 sewn for a friend

it was duct tape!
So last week I asked for guesses about the round blue gift for my dad.....It was a roll of duct tape! 

So I violated two of my sewing rules this weekend.
  1. Never sew apparel for anyone else
  2. Never sew on a deadline
Why violate these rules???  A coworker and friend of mine is leaving the area and she loves loves loves Simplicity 2892 view B that I made 3 summers ago.

Simplicity 2892, view B, without sleeves
July 2009, back when my hair was short and the bathroom light was yellow.

Everytime I wear it, she comments on it.  Gushes.  Professes her love for it.   So when I cleaned out my stash last month, I found enough of the very same fabric to make another shirt.  And when I heard she was leaving, I thought now is the time to make it.

So I wore it two weeks ago as a test, to see what she would say.
Would she still love it?
She saw it and said "I love that shirt.  Some day you will bequeath it to me."

I was going to start sewing it last weekend and never got around to it.

So this weekend is it.  She moves out of the area on Tuesday. And in less than an hour, I'm going to pick her up to go to a movie and have dinner.  So at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, I started sewing this shirt.

I thought it would take 2-3 hours.
It took almost 12.

I doubt it took me almost 12 hrs when I sewed it for myself.  I'm a different sewist now than I was then.  I actually iron fabric and the pattern first.  I finished the raw edges first.  I ironed seams.  I actually read the instructions for armhole binding.  I used my narrow hem foot to make a narrow hem.  But this isn't my best work.  If I had more time, I'd redo the hem and the armholes.  I would probably make different choices for the CB opening.

But here it is in its nascent  glory:

Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!
Yes, I made a tag, with care instructions. And also a care instruction for me and my ego:   "never ever tell me if you get rid of this shirt".

I guessed on her size as I wanted this to be a surprise.  On the left is the 6 and on the right is my 12 from 3 years ago
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!

I actually made the CB slit thing with the button closure and elastic corded loop. I didn't do this on my version; I could get my noggin through the neckhole just fine. But I wasn't sure if it would be ok on the 6.
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!
I had huge difficulties binding the armholes. I don't know what my problem is about them!!
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!
Here are the pleats; they have to be ironed back in after every wash.
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!
Here's the belt; mine then hers.  I did 5 rows of stitching on mine and 3 on hers.
Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves finished!

I hope she likes it.
I hope it fits.
I'm going to wear my shirt today and then give her her shirt later on.  Let's see how she reacts....

(UPDATE on the shirt:  I wore my shirt, while hers was wrapped up in a box in the trunk. She said, "you wore the shirt in honor of me."  Saw the movie.  Went to dinner.  Gave her the box.  She had the best reaction ever of anyone I have ever sewn anything for.  And she says it fits perfectly and she's wearing it to work tmw, yea!  I'm so happy and relieved!!!)

In other news...
Farmer's market flowers for this week--my favorites!
Happy 48th anniversary mom and dad!
Happy 48th  Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Oh, so here's another violation:  As I was perusing the dumpster this week, eying up two frames, a public safety officer pulled over to say we are not allowed to take anything out of the trash. Why, asked my coworker who was with me? "Because it's university property," said the public safety officer. Judging by the contents of the frames, this was clearly something students were tossing. I have no idea if the officer was right, or once you dump something in the dumpster, now it's university property until it's property of the landfill (I mean, it's not like a university official is carefully scouring the contents of the dumpster--many times I see the garbage men hook the dumpster up to the back of the dump truck and compact everything inside...), or if they are afraid you're going to hurt yourself climbing in the dumpster (which is something I wouldn't do--this stuff was lying on top--the lamps and vase I scored were next to it; the mirror was sticking out of it). It makes me think a lot about trash, the environment, consumption, sustainability, etc etc etc. and on Friday night I saw The Clean Bin Project at the Princeton Public Library, about a couple who didn't buy anything except food for 1 year and tried to generate no garbage for that year.

Anyway, the officer drove off, my coworker was outraged and I was pensive.  

Be well!


  1. What a lovely thing to do for your friend! The blouse is beautiful - I can see why she wanted her own. :)

  2. The blouse is beautiful! She will never forget your kindness in making this for her, I'm certain. Congrats to your parents on 48 years! Very Cool.

  3. That is so sweet of you. I barely finish anything for myself much less sew for someone else.

  4. Your dad looks delighted with his duct tape!(or duck tape). What a cute couple. Enjoy them while you can. That blouse is so pretty, and what a wonderful going away gift for your friend. As for your trash picking issue, I suppose trash in a landfill is better than being reused? The university is not green!

  5. What a great gift for your co-worker! Congratulations to your mom and dad! I have heard of those rules before but they don't make any sense to me; in detective shows once something is in the trash is fair game.

  6. Okay, Mr. safety officer has to be wrong at least when it comes to furniture and stuff. I'm sure it probably refers to any type of written document but a picture frame? Come on, do you think the university is going to have you arrested or even fined for grabbing a frame from the trash? No.

  7. The top is fab -- I think you did a great job! Armholes probably look great, too. I get super-picky when sewing for others. I love your dumpster diving adventures and hope the campus police find other things to do.

  8. Today I cut my fabric to make this shirt, I hope it turns beautiful as yours :)


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