Saturday, June 30, 2012

Butterick 5638 onward and apparently upward

Ok, so after last weekend's marathon shirt sewing session, it's back to the Butterick 5638 dress chez Kyle.

Tonight I sewed the belt.  I decided to not do the front slit after all, and I don't have enough of the fabric left to do some kind of bias binding.  So I made facings.  And then this happened (hence the upward):

Butterick 5638 still in progress
So I have a lot of tacking to do!

Also I will have to wear a dark colored bra as the armholes are too low.  I'm standing at a model-esque jaunty angle.

Butterick 5638 still in progress
So here I've pinned the ruffle down in anticipation of tacking, and also taped some buttons on.
Butterick 5638 still in progress
Yay or Nay on the buttons?  Originally I was loving the buttons but now I'm loving the streamlined look sans buttons?

I believe I see the light at the end of the tunnel for this dress.  I might even finish it tmw!!!   Could it really be true?  I feel like this dress has been in progress for ages....

I believe this is the third rose of the season from my rose bush:
third rose of the year
And here are green-eyed susans from the farmer's market.
green eyed susans!
I bought cherries and blueberries there too.  So good.  Almost all gone.  No pic.

 I'm thinking of attending the ASE.  Definitely have my eye on a few classes there and attending even though I feel like I'm hemorrhaging cash.

Be well!


  1. Hi Kyle. I'm liking the buttons. I think they add an interest that that blank canvas in that area needs. Try something contrasting and see if you like that better.

  2. I too, like the buttons. It's a cute dress either way.

  3. I'm excited to go to ASE for the first time this year- but I live in Ann Arbor so its not such a long trip for me. Would be cool to meet you there!

  4. Hi I would add buttons, maybe try different kinds to see what you like best.

    When you asked about sewing the curved pieces in my maxi, I remembered that it was very fiddley to sew. I remembered I did hand basting and a lot of picking out sewn seams. You have to be very patient. I guess I liked the finished product so much that I blocked out the struggle!

  5. Definately go for buttons. It looks naked without, like it was made for buttons!
    Looking good though!

  6. I am on the fence about the buttons, but I like the upward ruffle. So, no real help from this corner, lol. At least the very open underarms mean lots of natural ventilation during the hot summer.

  7. I would add the buttons but it's up to you and what you think will work best for your style.

  8. I like the buttons. With a dark color, details like a ruffle can get lost and the buttons draw the eye enough to notice all the care you put in.


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