Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project managing my trousers

The Trouser pieces all serged with care
All the raw edges were serged with care, in the hopes that trousers soon would be there.

I've been project managing my trousers all week long and you didn't even know it.  I'm starting with my muslin that I abandoned back in May. I made a sample of the welt pockets and the fly front zip back then.

  1. Monday/Tuesday night:  selected fabric candidates; washed and dried fabric twice
  2. Wednesday night: chose the #1 candidate; ironed fabric; cut most of the pieces out
  3. Thursday night : cut remainder of pieces and interfaced (there is a neat trick where you rough cut the fabric and then iron a block of interfacing on and *then* cut your pieces out--it saves a lot of time--learned that from Kathy Ruddy at the ASE in 2010 and have been using that trick ever since, except I had already cut the waistband so I had to cut the interfacing just for those pieces and do the rough cut and fuse trick for the rest.)
  4. Friday night: serged all raw edges
  5. Saturday (today): Sew them up!!!
  6. Sunday morning (projected milestone): Finish them up, photo session
  7. Sunday afternoon (definite):  Social with my gym classmates
  8. Sunday night:  blog posting.
Will it be a success?  A failure?  Can I sew most of the pants in one day?  with a fly front zipper and 2 double welt pockets?  Will I make a fatal blunder?  Will the fit be bad even after the muslin?  Can I make it work?

You know what I mean.

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Great prep work!! All that is left is the fun part! Best of luck, and success would be enjoying whatever you do get done.

  2. Good job with the prep work. It's great to see the project broken down in to steps.

  3. Good luck!! It sounds impossible to me, but I have about 1/100th of your talent!

  4. Kyle, this is a great list of work. I know you can do it and socialise too!


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