Saturday, September 14, 2013

Simplicity 1609, now with covered buttons!

Thanks everyone for participating in my poll regarding buttons or no buttons for Simplicity 1609.

The results are in!  I enjoyed reading all of your comments, suggestions, and supporting evidence for your arugments.  As Nina Garcia would say, you clearly thought about it.

--8 votes PRO buttons
--5 votes for "stick a fork in it, it's done, NO buttons"
--1 vote for MAYBE, depending on what the buttons look like.

I had some buttons in stash but I didn't feel they were quite right.  L from You Sew Girl!  hit the nail on the head when she suggested self-covered buttons.  YES!  I liked that idea quite a lot!

I'll give the full report soon, but here are some pix:

Simplicity 1609 with covered buttons.
on the hanger
and here's what the buttons look like from the front.
on the dressform in mid-afternoon light
Simplicity 1609 sneak peek
On me.
Princeton Farmers Market flowers
Full report coming soon!

What do you think? Have you changed your mind now that you've seen it with buttons?
Be well!!!


  1. Ok, I was a no button person, but I like the covered buttons. They add something without being to twee. Love the new dress. And of course I would love to go to the National City swap meet with you!!! I have it on my calendar!

    1. That's awesome!! I'm looking forward to it!!

  2. Perfect! A beautiful, classic dress.

  3. Oh wow. You look very pretty Kyle.

  4. Oh yes, my vote was for buttons. Love the retro vibe it gives your dress. Looks great on you too.

  5. The self-fabric buttons are perfect!

  6. Love it! Your dress is very classy and elegant. You make really beautiful dresses!

  7. Just beautiful! I can't get over how cute that collar is, and the covered buttons are a perfect accent.

  8. yeah! covered buttons! I think it looks perfect paired with the scalloped collar! great job!

  9. The covered buttons are perfect... lovely dress.

  10. I like the fabric covered in the same color buttons. You made me change my mind.

  11. I voted no buttons. However, I really like the outcome. Probably because the buttons are fairly unobtrusive. Well done!


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