Saturday, February 14, 2015

My PR Activewear 2015 Contest Entry

This morning I had my photo shoot for my entry in the PR Activewear Contest.  My entry refers back to this post so I wanted to include some detail shots here, since there are only 3 photos uploaded for the entry itself.  (I moved my sewing table out of the way so I'd have a blank background and took~150 photos this morning, half of which came out blurry, ooph).
My entry is a three piece set:  my first ever skort  (skirt with attached shorts) features black and hot pink colorblocking, and coordinates with two tanks:  a hot pink tank with black adjustable straps and a hot pink tank with a black lace overlay.   


The Jalie 2796 skort
My original blog post about the skort is here.

The compression shorts are attached.

Interior side panel view.  Basted on my sewing machine and serged on my serger.
The skort was basted and then serged on my serger. It gives such a professional finish to the interior of the garment. In the photo above, you can see how I've stabilized the side panel with a layer of the black fabric.
I had never sewn a skort before  and now I am hooked--can't wait to sew my next one--might even be tmw!!
Jalie 2796 snow day skort
The stretch twin needle hem is quite stretchy!
Jalie 2796 snow day skort
The pink fabric did not like my stretch twin needle so I used my regular stretch needle for that and moved on.
Back when it was in can see the start of the side pocket formation.
Very clever!

skort crossover detail
That side has this neat "cross over" detail at the bottom.

The Simplicity 9776 tanks

My original blog post about the tanks is here.

Bust vs bust?

I had a really hard time deciding if I should make the tank with the lace or without the lace.  Originally I didn't think I'd have enough fabric to make both....but I did!  The lace one is shorter because that is all the fabric I had left.
In the above photo, you can see one back, a blank space for the other back, and the front.
I cut out the two pink backs and the two lace backs separately, but then hated how the lace pattern was interrupted by the CB seam. I wound up cutting out one continuous lace back and layered it over the pink back that had its own CB seam. It worked out well.
In progress...
Before putting the rings on.
Inserting the bra strapping into the sliders, which is super fun and very professional looking.
The back of the lace tank
Skort is pinned on Izzy since she doesn't have legs.
Front of pink tank with rings
Back of pink tank with adjustable straps.

Overall my lessons were #1:  The pink  fabric for both tanks was not nearly as stretchy as the other tanks I have sewn, so that affected the fit. You can see the drag lines in the photos for the tanks that I'm wearing, which are not there in the tanks I have made in stretchier fabric.

Lesson #2:  Skorts are pretty fun to sew--I am pretty excited to make more skorts!! Bring it on!!

Be well!!


  1. Your reviews made this skort sewing seem so fun, my pattern arrived in my mailbox today! You definitely have my vote. I've purchased Nike "skorts" before and I'm excited to make one. I also want to experiment with extending the shorts into leggings and knock off those Eileen Fisher skirt/leggings things. I like those, too. ;)

    Off to vote! Thanks for all your details.

    1. Oops, guess I was jumping the gun. I will vote on the 18th. ;)

    2. Hi Robyn,
      Have fun with your new pattern!
      Yes, voting starts May 18 and ends the 24th. Thanks for voting for me!

  2. Did you really take 150 photos? I appreciate the time you put into this blog for your readers. We are all learning so much from the generous sewists like you!

    1. The full story is...a while ago my camera fell out of my bag as I was running across an intersection so it hit the pavement hard--it has not been the same ever since. In certain light scenarios it has trouble focusing, like in full daylight outside, or in this case, in my sewing room where I replaced all the light bulbs with "daylight" LED bulbs. So about half of those pictures were blurry and had to be deleted from the start. I spent a lot of time on photos yesterday, it took me a few iterations. Also I don't have a remote, just the self-timer, so my method for taking photos is really inefficient.

    2. Also, thanks for the words of appreciation! I appreciate you appreciating me!

  3. Wow! You are so cute in these outfits! Well, you're actually pretty darn cute in ALL the outfits you make! Job well done, all of the pieces look great, inside and out!

  4. Darn! I think my comment got deleted before it posted. :-/ Here it is again: Great photo shoot, esp the "reflection" photo you shared at the top of your post. I like the crossover detail on the skort a lot, and the twin needle stitching is perfection! Thanks for pulling all this into one post. And good luck with the contest! I'll vote for you! ;)

  5. Very nice set. Love the skorts.

  6. You have my vote! Great ensembles - so cute. Love the color combos as well as the matching sneakers. Great job!


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