Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jalie 3025 skort and another tank in progress

tank and skating skort, both in progress
I started this next gym outfit on Sunday....but I think this tank might be too good for the gym, ha ha.

The tank is my usual Simplicity 8779.

I ran out of the W-I-D-E 1" fold over elastic that I now like using for finishing the tank, but you can see where it's going!

Folded in half, it's a half inch binding, which makes a really nice looking strap and finishes the raw edge nicely.

And look, I eliminated the CB seam on the tank, so I wouldn't have to worry about lace matching.   The lace is super stretchy so I can get away with eliminating the CB seam.
The "hem" of the tank is the selvedge of the stretch lace--very awesome!

The skort is currently in two pieces and is from two different Jalie patterns.
Jalie 3025
The skirt is Jalie 3025, a figure skating skirt pattern.  I used view A (upper left and center skirts on the pattern photo) and lengthened it 5 inches.  It really makes that flouncy skirt look, especially in the back view.

Since the pattern comes with attached panties and I prefer attached shorts, I'm using the compression shorts from Jalie 2796.

Since I haven't sewn the skirt and shorts together yet, I could put the skirt on Izzy.

This time the skirt is made with a thinner-than-last time activewear fabric from Apple Annie's, specifically this one.
The stretch lace is also from Apple Annie's.
The fabric under the stretch lace is Nike Dri-Fit from SewSassy (scroll way down on that page to get to it).

I can't wait for the FOE to arrive so I can finish it off!!

In other news, voting is now open in the Activewear Contest on Pattern Review!
Take a gander at the entries.
If you've enjoyed all my silly poses, I'd appreciate your vote!  Thank you!
Be well!


  1. You're inspiring me to upgrade my gym wear! I've had trouble in the past sewing that Dri-Fit from SewSassy...only skipped stitches but I think I stopped trying. Did you use a universal needle? I probably used a stretch needle. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm pretty sure it was a stretch needle but will double check and get back to you. I do remember having problems with my tension but not with skipped stitches. Have you tried using a new needle?

    2. I used a Schmetz size 11 stretch needle. I just tried it again now. No skipped stitches, but some puckering. I had to take the PF and bobbin tension both down to 1 to reduce puckering. Give it another try with a brand new needle and let me know how it goes!

  2. I voted for you and you deserve the vote. I don't often buy clothing patterns but got this skort after seeing yours.

    1. Thank you Baye! Sewing your own workout gear is fun!

  3. The selvedge as hem is a very cool touch!

    1. It makes it super easy and it looks great.

  4. I am definitely getting the skort pattern! Your gym outfits are so cute!


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