Monday, September 21, 2015

Foxy: Mollie Makes Issue 32 Felty Fox Brooches

Two foxes.
Over my week off at the end of August/early September, I took a crafternoon to stitch up the felty fox brooches that came with Mollie Makes Issue 32. (I buy the old issues off eBay).
The kit came with felt, thread, a really terrible needle (I used one from my stash instead) and two pins.  The templates were in the magazine itself.

First I cut out the pieces.  I was wondering how to get the points on the white felt to be super pointy and exact and then it came to me :  thread snips!  They are absolutely perfect for that kind of job.  Highly recommend!
The pin is sewn on the back of one piece of pink felt first. Then the pink felt is hand stitched across the top.  In the pic above, the white felt is just inserted.

Now the pink felt is sewn to the white felt.
Nose is satin-stitched on.
One eye is stitched on...
Now both eyes are stitched!  It was hard to get them to look somewhat evenly positioned.
Now on to the orange fox.  This time I sewed a tiny magnet (scavenged from a magnet I didn't want) inside the back of the fox.  It is not visible from the outside, but it is strong, and happily clinging to my refrigerator!.
Satin stitched the nose on.
Two foxes!!  I actually bought the kit again so that I can make these again and have one set at work and one set at home.  (I didn't trust finding orange and pink felt in such bright happy colors locally.) But I have yet to stitch up the ones for work.
Mollie Makes had a great response to my tweet about having dinner a bit later to stitch the orange fox too!
I actually made another kit the day after, which you can see in the upper left corner of the pic above.  I'll write about it in another post. But this is what my sewing table looked like after two days of craftiness.  A bit different than my usual sewing table.   (And yes, I will do a virtual tour of my sewing room sometime this fall!)

Have you done any hand stitching like this?  I have not done anything like that in a long time, and certainly never hand stitched it like that.  It was fun!

Be well!


  1. The key is little. I hand stitched a baby quilt in redwork (stem stitch) for a nephew (before blog). I enjoy small projects but don't have patience anymore for longer projects.

    1. I severely underestimated how long it would take to cut and stitch these. I was thinking an hour max for both and it was probably more like 3 total.

  2. Over in Japan, these magazine add-on's are typical to find. I wonder why our US magazines don't follow suit?
    Forgot to say your foxy magnets are super cute!

    1. Yes! Mollie Makes is a UK mag and UK mags have tons of add-ons. I have a few zipper pouches and had some totes from UK mags.

      Thanks, I think the foxes are super cute too!

  3. These little foxes are oh so cute! Love them! I want the magnet one!!!! I have a turkey I hand stitched from felt. It's really cute and it has a home in my kitchen. I also hand stitched a heart ornament which is hanging in my bathroom.

    1. You'll have to put the turkey and heart on your blog sometime!

  4. I love kits!!! I recently made a pop-up flower card kit for a friend. But your results from the Mollie Makes kit are irresistible! Great job on the embroidered eyes! ;)

  5. They are cute! I like projects like this as a break from sewing garments...and I love hand sewing.

  6. Those are so cute. My g- nieces would be excitedly tickled if I made them. Totally agree a great way to interrupt ones usual hobby. Over the weekend, I was hoodwinked into making journey girls doll clothes.

  7. These are way cute! I think that pink one would look really smart on the gray shrug you made too : ). I'll have to share the turkey head sometime that we put on a pineapple that is made out of felt during Thanksgiving. I agree these tiny projects can take a lot more time than you think.


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