Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Three Visits to Vacuuming the Lawn Headquarters

I was lucky enough to have three fellow sewists stop by Vacuuming the Lawn HQ this summer (which I'd like to document before it's officially the end of the summer....)

Tomasa in her self-drafted top; me in a Jalie shrug and M5669.

First up was Tomasa from Sew Much Fashion back in May (ok, not quite summer, but warm enough.)

On our way back from lunch in Princeton, we stopped at a new independent fabric shop called More Than a Notion.   This shop opened last November on Rt 27 in Kingston, NJ.    I commute on that road every single day.  Sometimes it's stop and go day as I'm crawling by a strip mall, I saw the "fabric" sign and thought I was hallucinating...but it's reality!  The shop is gigantic and has a variety of fashion fabrics.  Going to this shop is a convenient alternative for when I can't get to the Garment District in NYC (honestly where I live, the closest fabric stores--til now--were Joann's in Lawrenceville (30 min away) and Joann's in Colonia (45min)).  The store also sells notions like thread, bias tape, and buttons.  The owner was very friendly and remembered me when I returned a few weeks later!

I was amazed that Tomasa was excited to see the duck in my living room.  I hardly ever take pix in my living room so I had no idea the duck was such a feature!  :)

  with Lynn
Lynn in her self-stitched top; me in a Simplicity dress I sewed in 2007.  

My favorite tiger statue in Princeton.  

In early May, Lynn from You Sew Girl! stopped by as part of her week-long trip to NYC.    I was totally blown away by the fact that Lynn said she had been waiting to see this pillow.  (There is a better picture of it in this post.)  I made that pillow in 2009, so she has been reading my blog a long, long time!

Lynn also throws pottery and made this soap dispenser for me in my favorite color, teal.  Thank you L!  No one has ever made pottery for me before.  (I really think she should have a pottery blog called "You Throw Girl!"; Don't you agree?)

with Anne
Anne and me at the Woodrow Wilson School 
Later that week Anne from Sewing to Soothe My Soul visited during her NYC trip.  My favorite part of her visit was her hemming her shirt just in time for MPB Day in my sewing room while I stitched sashiko.
Anne brought me these McCall's notebook with vintage pattern covers for my Craftsy class and sewing conference note taking!
Inside of the notebooks
Thank you Anne!  She also gave me some fabric from Kashi which I am planning on sewing up this fall....

It is always fun to spend some time with sewing friends, chatting and laughing about all things sewing, fabric, pattern, and blog related.

Thank you Tomasa, Lynn, and Anne for visiting!  It was fun!

Cosmos from PFF 2 weeks ago.

Have you had any sewing friends visit you and your fabric stash?   Would you be interested in a virtual tour of my sewing room?

Be well!


  1. What a fun post! I had a great time visiting you (and your sewing room). That soap dispenser Lynn made is beautiful and in your favorite color too! Love those McCall's notebooks.

  2. Virtual tour - yes! It's wonderful to have such great sewing friends.

  3. Yes to a visual tour of your sewing room and I'm going to have to go More Than a Notion. Is it in the strip mall with the Pennsylvania Dutch Store? I haven't been down 27 towards Princeton in forever!

    1. Yes! That's where it is, on the left side.

    2. Left side of the strip mall, that is.

  4. I'd love a virtual tour of your sewing room ! And how cool to have sewing friends visit. If you ever come to NZ let me know!

    1. Wow! Thanks for the invite to meet up! If you ever come to the NYC area let me know!

  5. :) I love the idea of a virtual tour too! I didn't realize that we were practically neighbors!! I go to NYC to get all my denim and such... a short drive from Connecticut!

  6. Of course I had to immediately google McCall's notebooks and found a set on ebay for $8.15 which made it easy to hit "Buy Now".
    I remember that pillow and did not jump on that bandwagon.
    Isn't it fun to meet up with sewing bloggers in real life?

  7. Your sewing room was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. It was so much fun to sew in your sewing room! I think a virtual tour of your sewing room would be a treat for anyone.

  8. Visiting VtL headquarters was a real treat! I really did want to see the pillow! I remember your making it as if it happened yesterday. =) Thank you!!


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