Friday, July 3, 2009

Coming soon: jabot madness

I failed to get pix, but I saw my friends Wolfgang and Michele during their 6 hour layover in Newark. Never has an airport been so much fun! Plus they brought me chocolate and 3 cow buttons, and we discussed wedding photography. I also saw the chiropractor again (knee pain: 0/1, back pain, 2/3), went grocery shopping and took yet another nap (really, I'm becoming the queen of naps) and chatted with not one but two neighbors. Whee!

As Antoinette would say, ready to get your jabot on??

The basic tank bit is sewn up (it took an hour and a half to reach this point. Next time I will not do armhole facings. Double knit is so dreamy, armhole facings are really not necessary--fold over and sew down will be my quick method.)
Jabot excitement coming soon!

I've drawn the lines on:
Lines for the jabot!
It was difficult to stop myself here, but I think sewing the jabot on, and hemming, is a project best left til morning.

I reduced the size of the carriers on my bathrobe. So the bathrobe is officially done. And this is officially the weirdest angle I've ever taken a picture of on myself:

Well, just one more

Sewing to do list:
  • fix the brown ruffle shirt
  • finish the gray jabot shirt
  • make the other ruffle/jabot shirt--in pink!
  • hem gray pants again
Yeah, I probably won't get all that done this weekend. But I definitely can't wait to finish the jabot in the morning!!

Bon weekend and bon sewing, everyone! And how's your three day weekend???


  1. I think folding over the hems on most knits is a great way to go. Went to dinner at a friend's house last night and was telling the wife, who has chronic back pain (all muscular, she says) about your chiro and acupuncture adventures. I don't think she has bought in, so I will have to send her a link to your blog!

    This weekend? Bet we'll miss the neighborhood parade which starts in an hour, as the other two members of the household are still asleep (late dinner last night) but I see tempeh sloppy joes, cold beer, and fireworks in the cards. Hope you get all your sewing done and get to enjoy something outside the house, too!

  2. Kyle, it was so great to see you after such a long time!! Thanks for meeting us with all the goodies so that we didn't have to eat the "cheeseburger" offered by the airline for dinner! I hope you find something nice to do with those cow buttons. Moooo!


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