Thursday, July 2, 2009

Part Trois: that black shirt, deer damage and other stuff

Oh deer!

Remember my lovely hibiscus, photographed a few weeks ago?
Hibiscus in bloom!  How many blooms do you see??

This is what it looked like this morning, after being eaten by a deer:
Deer:  victim 1

Deer don't like the smell of soap, so I have some on stakes (mom discovered that trick) but the stake was down on the job:
Soap on a stick, down on the job

More deer damage (to my two other hibiscus plants, impatients and carnations) can be seen in my Random 2009 album.

I finally finished the black shirt tonight. I think it lost some of its charm by cutting it shorter, but there's slightly less pooling.





I wound up using single fold bias tape for the hem and sleeves. With the hem, I was on the home stretch--and then realized I sewed the bias tape to the wrong side!! That is why I have a "new sewing after work" rule, because of dumb mistakes like that. I had taken a 2 hour nap, though, so I thought it would be ok...

I wore my new Simplicity shirt today but I hate how the ruffle keeps flopping down--some serious tacking will occur this weekend.

I ferreted out some white "rope" at Joann's (on my third attempt) for my bathrobe ties. I moved the carriers to the right position, but now I think they are huge since I'm using such small rope. I'll probably reduce the carrier size this weekend.



I tried to make my own braided knit ties but it looks kinda horrible so I think I'll stick with the purchased rope. But how do folks braid ties so neatly? Also, do you actually sew 3 tubes, turn them inside out, and then braid, in order to eliminate ugly raw edges?


Good night!


  1. Poor hibiscus....

    I think that, with the knit strips braided, if you cut the strips wider (say, 2 inches? I'd start there and play around) and let them curl inward as many want to do naturally, and then braid them without pulling the strands, the raw edges are encased in the tubes. I experimented with this a tiny bit for my 4th 302designs shirt refashion.

  2. When we were in Stockholm recently, returning to my friend's home, Wolfgang startled a deer in the yard across the street. It had been eating a bush close to the fence and ran up some back stairs as if it was going into the house. "A pet deer!" we said. Apparently not. Venison is awfully tasty.


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