Thursday, July 23, 2009

Counterclockwise is the way to go

First, thanks to Antoinette to doing techsupport on my blog. Not only can she sew and train, she can also navigate the wonders of Blogger. Thanks, clevergirl!!

Second, how could I forget to have blogged this story??
Yesterday I saw something I've never seen before while heading to work. On campus there are two rather bucolic circles. The person ahead of me tried to make a left onto the circle—so basically he was heading the wrong way around the circle. Then he realized what he was doing and backed up, went around the circle like everyone else---pulled off just before the parking garage. I zoom around him into the garage and park my car. I’m walking through the garage and the guy pulls up!! Asks me if he can park in the garage. I said, are you here for the sports camp? (there are tons of signs around for sports camp parking, all saying not to park in the garage) and he said no, admissions visit. His very embarrassed looking 17 year old looks at me from the passenger seat. You can park on the roof, buddy. Ok, I left out the buddy part. His plates were Connecticut. Do they not have circles in Conn?

Guess how long it takes for pant legs to dry out after they are soaked in the rain? 3.5 hours! I actually walked around the office barefoot this afternoon. My shoes and socks were soaked. I felt like a drowned rat.

Here are the blackeyed susans on my messy work desk. $4 for the bunch!!
Blackeyed susans

I thought these were eustoma, but the farmer's market guy called them lisianthus. Quick google image search: looks like they are synonyms!! Most of my coworkers think they are roses. $6 for these.

Here's another view of the susans and my cube wall (er it's not really a cube; I wish it were a cube):
another view of blackeyed susans

That makes me think of Suddenly Susan, which makes me think of Brooke Shields, which makes me think of her new tv commercial highlighting some drug that makes your eyelashes grow thicker and longer. I had no idea that was such an issue! What the hell? Eyelid darkening and iris pigmentation are side effects. I wonder what the researchers were really going after when they discovered it...


  1. We have lots of traffic circles, rotaries, whatever you like to call them in New England. Maybe the guy though he needed to head left and it was quicker that way? Very strange.

    Love the flowers - and funny connection to that very strange commercial.

  2. Is a traffic circle like a crop circle?

    J/K - We have a few teeny ones in various local neighborhoods to slow down traffic. Even I know how to drive the traffic circles. Now put me in England and I might head the wrong way.

    BTW, you're welcome! Anytime.


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