Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sorry to get all bias tape on you

I coined a new phrase yesterday. Basically, Pete doesn't know what bias tape is, and I was talking about bias tape this weekend, you know, like lovers do, and Pete was like, I don't know what that is.
So I emailed him about something else yesterday that I wasn't sure he'd know, and I said "sorry to get all bias tape on you". I think it will become a part of our special language, such as:
"no workie" : it doesn't work
"pas de workie" : french variation on "it doesn't work"
"workie schmerkie": work
"go gro" : go grocery shopping
Hmmm...I know we have more special vocab, I just can't think of more now...

Acu tonight wasn't as satisfying as previous visits. I felt some fluttering and some hot spots and for the first time ever, I could really feel the needle in my left ear. But I couldn't get really relaxed and I certainly wasn't on the verge of sleep. There were a lot of people in another room talking and I could hear them. The room I was in today had a window so it was pretty light in the room--the last two visits I was in a room with darkness. I wasn't really groggy afterwards, if anything I was bubbly and giddy. I told the acu about how I was so sleepy afterward the last visit--I came home and slept for an hour solid til the phone rang--she said she calls it the "acupuncture coma". The body heals itself best when sleeping.

Anyway, we talked a bit about wedding plans. I asked if she does wedding officiating on the side, because I want someone like her to do the ceremony. She said no but she could do something online because the wedding sounds like it's going to be a really cool one! If we could find a Hawaiian to officiate, that would be my first choice. But my acu or someone like her is my second choice.

I asked her about how to stand properly--I know, sounds insane, right? But I teach tmw morning and I noticed last week that I tend to shift my weight to my left foot and after two hours, my left heel is really sore. She said if I have to stand for a long time, make sure I have proper arch support in my shoes (check) and to sway or shift from side to side and think "blood flow, blood flow, blood flow". I'll try it. oh, and she agrees with the chiropractor that my muscles are the cause of my pain.

This was the first time I ever had to wait for her. She rents a room in someone else's acupuncture office, so I was able to look around the waiting room and weigh myself! I wrote down the names of some book and binder titles, but they're downstairs. Titles like "How soda is killing you" and "The Gluten Free Solution" and "The Vitamin D Miracle" , something like that.

I have to take some pix tmw of the flowers I bought at the farmer's market on Tuesday and have on my desk at work. Many many people at work think that Pete sent them to me! Um, no, I paid with them with my own $$, thanks! One person asked if I grew them.

Good night!

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  1. I shift back and forth on my feet when training, but much of that is excess energy and the old habit of rocking Louis when he was a baby/ toddler. Didn't realize it was good for me, too!

    Don't know if I'm ready to read about how soda is killing me. I don't have too many vices and I'd like to preserve that one, I think.


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