Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flashback: Simplicity 3833, a retro dress, visa news, etc

Day 4 of "wear a dress to work every day" week. Today's dress was also sewn in the summer of 2007. It's Simplicity 3833, a "retro" pattern. The fabric is brown with turquoise flowers. It's some kind of rayon. Here's what it looked like when I wore it today:

Flashback, Simplicity 3833, front, from 2007
I neeeeeed a haircut!! I had also just come back from walking, and it's humid, so my hair was extra pouffy.

Flashback, Simplicity 3833, side, from 2007

Flashback:  Simplicity 3833, back, from 2007

Here's when it had sleeves back in March 2007 (but they were too tight and the dress was also pulling across the upper back because the sleeves were too tight). I think this photo is also the best for seeing the pattern in the fabric:
I think it'll be cuter without sleeves.

I laugh; my caption says I would remove the sleeves "tomorrow". Which was actually May 2007:
May 12, 2007 fixed dress

I made this dress in red, also in 2007, and I wore that dress on Monday this week (though I did not take a picture of me wearing that dress on Monday). Here it is from 2007:

July 8, 2007 red dress

Pete received a letter from the American consulate in London, with instructions on applying for his part of the visa. Now our lawyer is making it sound like he could be denied entrance to the US when he visits on Aug 8 because they may think he will not return to the UK since we are mid-visa process. The reality is, anyone who comes to visit the US can be denied entrance for any reason at all. We are doing this the right way and I really don't see why he would be denied entrance just because we are in the middle of the visa process. I mean, we paid a lawyer to do this so why would we abandon the process now?

I had acupuncture tonight. Felt lots of fluttering in my legs and even some on my scalp (which was new to me). She put needles around my collarbone this time, which was brand new. They didn't hurt at all. I had some needles that hurt around my knees. And I learned that she's an occupational therapist during the mornings, not a PT like I previously thought. I felt a little lightheaded afterward, but then I went to Lucy's Kitchen to pick up some chow and I ran into a classmate of mine from the gym. She was asking if I moved to England or defected to a different gym. So we caught up a bit. I recognized her right away. Apparently she saw me before I saw her and thought to herself, that she knew me from somewhere, then had a flash of me in a pirate cupcake shirt and then she knew who I was. She said she always liked reading my gym shirts.

Vanilla Chocolate Cupcake shirt Pete gave me for V-day

Andy sent me some great links about pain, pain management, a pain journal pdf, etc. I'll post that stuff with my next post.

I'm taking tomorrow off and meeting up with a friend for lunch. Then I hope to go to the boardwalk for a nice walk. I also hope to remember to bring my camera!!!

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  1. SUCH a great pattern for you, that Simplicity 3833. Hope you enjoyed your day off!


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