Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flashbacks: Threads dress & old friend

I'm wearing a dress to work every day this week. Here's what I wore today. It's a Simplicity Threads dress that I made in July 2007. I don't think I knew SPR then, so I definitely never reviewed it. I do remember that I cut a 14 and it was HUGE in the chest area--I wound up taking out the front panel and cutting a new one from a size 6. Now that I know about reading "finished garment measurements" I now understand why it was so big!! I was looking at the pattern the other night.

These are pix after wearing it all day today:
Flashback from 2007:  Threads

Flashback from 2007:  Threads

Flashback from 2007:  Threads
This is the fabric; little tiny paw prints:

Flashback from 2007:  Threads

My original photos from 2007:
July 19, 2007 dress

I didn't realize that I was making the wacky expressions even then:
back of July 19, 2007 dress

Tonight I had dinner with my friend Andy. I haven't seen him in over a year and he happened to be attending a conference in Princeton so we met up. He was a medical writer and now he manages medical writers. It was amazing to talk to him about my pain--he actually understands it!! He recommends seeing a pain management doctor, whom he feels may be able to determine the cause of my pain. He also knows a fantastic physical therapist. And he's going to send me a pain journal!! I started my pain journal on Monday. We talked a lot about pain relievers and supplements. and he said that pain is not constant--what the brain measures overall is differences in pain or new pain, it can't feel constant pain. I thought that was an interesting idea. Overall, the conversation was just really really great.

I took Aleeve today, so that's the end of my Aleeve-free streak. My right side was flaring a little, like a 4. It was exactly 4 weeks ago that I had the major 3am flareup on the right side. At least the pain is not really bad like it was that time!

It has been raining a lot again here. And thunderstorming. Bzzzt!!!

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  1. Finished garment measurements are the key to happy sewing from patterns! In one of the offices where I used to work, there was a pain management center downstairs. It was always busy!

    What your friend said about the brain not being able to recognize constant pain makes sense in some ways, but I know that I've had low-grade headaches with constant tension and pain and I do feel it all the time, throughout the day if I insist on not taking medication. My mom has had a torn rotator cuff for a while, is finally getting it fixed, and has been in constant pain (and in a constant state of irritation) for months. So I'm wrestling with that idea....


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