Sunday, January 16, 2011

corn chowder redux; Vogue 8534 redux sneak peek

Today was the day of the redux.

First up, corn chowder. Last week's was too much liquid, not enough corn. So I combined the "Skinny B*tch" recipe with the recipe from "400 Calorie Fix". 1 cup more corn, 2 cups less veggie broth, what a difference! MUCH better.
corn chower redux 1/16/11

I also finished Vogue 8534 redux, my first garment of 2011! Finally! It's been three weeks since I've sewn. As you may recall, the previous version suffered an accidental cut, and then was too small anyway. The redux version is navy blue and fits me a lot better. I'm not loving the loop for the bow, though. I can easily remake that so it's not as wide.
Vogue 8534 view C redux 1/16/11

I'll write about the shirt sometime this week, and I'll do a photoshoot then too and write a pattern review of it then too.  I wish I had my sailor hat from Disney World.  It would really make the photoshoot.

I want to change my SPR name.  Right now it's kdburkhardt.  I'm thinking of changing it just to my first name, or my first and middle names.  I suppose I could change it to something sewing related, but I don't know...

Beth, I will look into the pain book you recommended, thanks!

Last question: What is a dutch oven? A lot of recipes use one--I'll google image search it now!


  1. Your top looks great! I still need to finish a skirt I started this summer. Sigh.

    A dutch oven, is a big heavy pot, lidded. I use an enameled cast iron one.

  2. You make me want to cook. Well, almost! Great top!

  3. My dutch oven is my favorite pot. It is made so you can start cooking on the stove and finish in the oven, very handy!
    I like your new top!

  4. It's funny that you ask about a dutch oven as I made a new recipe today that called for one. My first thought is that it's an oven in Holland. As I am in the US, my good ol' gas range was perfectly fine. The dish I made turned out great!


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