Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday night craft. And Wednesday snow.

What do you get when you combine me, a hot glue gun, a grapevine wreath, 50+ fake flowers, an idea I've had since last year, and an hour and a half?  This:
Mostly rose wreath 1/28/11

You may have heard, NJ got more snow. We were dismissed at 3pm on Wednesday and the university was closed on Thursday.  Here's my favorite picture I took of the snow on the trees:
one of my favorites 1/27/11


My back yard; it's around 30F.  You can see the fresh accumulation on my air conditioning unit.  My neighbor thinks it was 14 inches. said "n/a".
my air conditioner unit is on the right 1/27/11

Snow covered evergreen in my back yard:
back yard tree 1/27/11

View from my front door:
the view from my front door 1/27/11

It's so pretty, but there's no where for the snow to go. The snow is piled so high, I can't see looking left or right driving out of side streets. Crazy.

Ok, have fun! Here's a big kiss for the day:
being silly


  1. I love, love, love the floral wreath you made! My mom used to make door wreaths for every season, and I used to help her! She hasn't done one in a while, but maybe I can ask her about it next time we talk.

  2. The wreath you made is gorgeous! I just love the colors. It looks so charming and romantic.

  3. You are very talented because the wreath is beautiful. As for the snow...ummm yeah I'm about done...even though your photos make it look very beautiful!

  4. Your snow photos are beautiful. I can't imagine getting that much snow. It was 73 degrees here in north central Texas today, but cold is on its way to us next week with maybe sleet and ice.

  5. The wreath is lovely, the colours are so delicate.
    The snow pictures are amazing.

  6. Your wreath is a breath of spring! Very pretty. We're all getting more SNOW tonight. In MI, we're expecting 10-15 inches. Not so pretty!


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