Sunday, January 9, 2011

Does the equivalent of Pattern Review exist for cookbook receipes?

I didn't do any sewing this weekend, but I did some sewing related things...
...cut out vogue 8534 in navy fabric (the bow shirt), this time in size 16. I can always take it in...
Vogue 8534 in progress, in navy
I think the navy color will give it that nice sailor vibe.

Bought a longer lipped ruler with Christmas money.   The 18" one got tons of use but is too short. This 24" one should do the trick.   Lipped rulers are great because they "hook on" to your cutting mat and don't move while you cut with your rotary cutter.
24" lipped ruler

I also bought the revised edition of the Singer Photo Guide to Sewing. This one seems much more expanded compared to the version I already own.  The lapped zipper instructions and pix are exactly the same as the edition I own, but it looks like instructions for lots of other things I'm interested in have been added.  Yeah!

I haven't reviewed 2010 goals nor written my 2011 sewing goals, but one goal is to do less sewing so I can devote more time to improving my health to get rid of my back pain. Along those lines, a goal is to cook once a week (to those of you who read this blog and cook tirelessly for your families every day, this idea of cooking once a week is probably giving you a nice laugh!  Cooking for one does last for days though.) I don't know how long I will keep up this part of the resolution, but, we'll see. Here's last week's dish, cheddar potato soup. This is a TNT recipe that I used to make quite a lot a few years ago.  It's from a book I got for college graduation called "Help!  My Apartment Has a Kitchen!"  It's vegetarian.
Potato cheddar soup

This week, I took out a cookbook from the library called "Skinny B*tch" and I thought it was adorable and cute and whatnot. The recipe I tried is corn chowder. Here's the result:
corn chowder, um, yeah
It doesn't look anything like corn chowder to me. While I'm a novice at these things, I think there's a mistake in the recipe. It calls for 4 cups of vegetable broth, and I think it meant 2. (Also funny was the conversion to metric: it listed 4 cups as 960 liters instead of milliliters!)      As it stands, this has way too much liquid.  Tomorrow night I plan on straining it to get the potatoes, corn, and celery out, then throw a little of the liquid on top.  Also, this dish is vegan!  Antoinette, my first vegan dish!  It uses almond milk instead of real milk.

The huge amt of liquid got me wondering--is there a site out there like sewing pattern review, for cookbook recipes?   I would definitely use it if such a thing exists. (I googled and found, but it didn't seem to cover cookbook recipes?  Just recipes members contribute, and then everyone else reviews them?) Also, while many recipes in the book had pix, this one did not.  It's the equivalent of a pattern only having drawings and not a real photo. 

Oh, and it snowed again, but not much accumulation:
snow!  1/8/11

and Elvis turned 76. Did you wish him a happy birthday? Sure you did!  This photo is from 2005, with Ron Short, my favorite Elvis impersonator.  He is so nice!
me with Ron Short, er, Elvis

My great-aunt Iris turned 95 on New Year's Day. Here's me, my Dad, and Iris at her surprise party:
Happy 95th Birthday Iris!

Good night!


  1. I had lots of trouble cooking for myself as well when there was "just me" - it's not very motivating. I used to cook every second day, which meant eating the same meal 4 times over as I used to take leftovers for lunch. When my husband was a single man, he used to cook up a roast leg of beef that lasted him a week. I sure couldn't do that!

    There is a NZ cookbook author called Annabelle Langbein who is the best cook book writer I have ever come across. She has written a number of books for people who love tasty delicious food but don't want to go to a lot of effort to get it. I highly recommend her books!

  2. Navy Blue is the color I just cut out tonight too! Good luck with the cooking. Hope you find some awesome recipes that you enjoy making.

  3. I'll try to join you with the 'one cooked meal per week' intention. I do try to cook often, but I usually make the same old tired meals. I have a vegetarian cookbook by Deborah Madison. This thing is huge and reads more like a textbook, but it is filled with everything!

    I am not doing much sewing at all because I'm in a bodice drafting class and my serger decided to take a break. I look forward to seeing you finished Vogue.

  4. What a sweet looking family. Enjoy them.

  5. If you strain out the veggies, you might be able to reduce the liquid so that the chowder isn't so soupy.

    I *enjoy* cooking and still don't do it that much, especially during the week. I often ponder how on earth I could possibly cook dinner every night for a family. I just don't know.


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