Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday night in Austin, TX

I flew to Austin today. A guy asked me if I'd switch places with his assigned seat in first class so he could sit with his girlfriend in coach. Oh, that would be an enthusiastic yes! Here was first class lunch:
first class in 4F.

The hotel has a policy of no unregistered guests in rooms after 10:30, and said they check IDs at the elevator after 10:30. I had to sign my agreement to this policy. Wow.
The hotel is posh and has some cool Texas style.  Here's the chair and ottoman in my room.
Texas style

Antoinette, my favorite clever girl, picked me up at the hotel. We had dinner at the flagship Whole Foods store. Waaay larger than the one in Princeton, and super crowded for a Saturday night (in my opinion)! We also went to Parts and Labour, (where Austin crafters sell their crafts, a very cool place), Amy's ice cream, and the Hey Cupcake trailer.

me and the Hey Cupcake trailer

We also went to Zen:
me and Antoinette
and here she's modelling her cool hand art and men's shirt refashion:
Antoinette and her hand jewelry

And did I mention, I love her hot car!
Antoinette and her hot car

My work conference starts tomorrow afternoon. But we are going to meet up for breakfast with "Leslie in Austin" of PR fame. :)

Good night, y'all.


  1. Looks like your work trip is off to a good start. Hope the rest of it goes great too.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying yourself!! I have never flown first class before, but that meal makes me want to!

  3. Yay for a visit to Austin! I hope you enjoy Texas! The weather should be nice for you. I think it's finally cooling down today. Whew!

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  5. Such a treat to see you, Kyle! Breakfast, sewing and non-sewing chat and fabric shopping--does it get any better than that?!? *smooch*

  6. And thank you so much for the zebra FOE! It's awesome! I see some seriously fun lingerie in my future....

  7. Aw, that was a fun (if short) weekend hanging with you! Have a great conference!

  8. Glad you enjoyed your stay here in Austin! Hehe.. you came to my work place. I work at the Whole Foods HQ above our flagship store! :)


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