Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy pi day! And some randomness.

Marguerite daisies
Gosh, it's been awhile I last blogged.  Carla's been kicked off of Top Chef! 

Today is mathematical pi day (3.14).  One of the eateries on campus had all sorts of pies for pi day, like shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie, apple pie, cherry pie, etc.

Spring is coming! The flowers above are Marguerite daisies from the supermarket. I love how non-conformist their stems are.

Outside, there are snowdrops in the front patch. Welcome!

I made more minestrone. I'm tweaking the recipe. It's now a hybrid of the recipe from "400 Calorie Fix" and "Cook This Not That".
minestrone soup from Cook This Not That

This is a yummy dish; Chicken Pizziola from Cook This Not That, but with breadcrumbs as in the Cordon Bleu recipe, and the chicken is baked, not fried.
A take on chicken pizziola from Cook This Not That
I topped it with generous slices of fresh mozz. Yum.

Sweet potatoes look smashing in a pedestal dessert dish, don't they?
sweet potatoes and Dr Weil

And Toll House chocolate chip cookies with walnuts from scratch for dessert. I gave 40 to a friend who is turning 40 this month. She said that is a good reason to grow older.
First Toll House Cookies of the year!

Books of the last few weeks:
the books of late
I am really enjoying the Dr Weil books. Lots of good info there and ways of framing your mind, your thinking, your being, and what you let into your life. If you only have time for one, read Spontaneous Healing. Excellent. I now follow him on twitter and he's in my blogs at the right. I'm also enjoying "Movement for Self-Healing". The first section of the book is the author's amazing journey from blindness to sight.

The Cooking Light book is one recipe after another but not many pictures. What I love about the Cook This Not That series is that every recipe has a picture!

And here's my parting shot for this evening, underwear made following Antoinette's fantastic tutorial. 
I sewed this on Saturday night.  I just don't have time to sew like I used to (or energy), but I have a lot of patterns in the queue.  I'm still healing from all my various ailments, but progress is being made!
spring underwear
Good night and be well!


  1. Good to see signs of spring. How refreshing that must be! Very cute undies. I have a couple of Dr. Weil's cookbooks too and have liked every recipe I have tried.

  2. I'm fond of Dr. Weil too though I haven't read his Spontaneous Healing book. I'll have to try and find it at the library. Have you been to his website?
    The undies are really cute, btw.

  3. I really like that principle of cookies-per-year, I'm getting to a nice pile level, will have to let the friends know about that before the next occurrence :-)..
    And one always needs good undies no matter what the age or state of health, well done.

  4. That chicken dish looks divine! Oh, and I like your undies as well! I never tried undies for myself, but the ones you have made from that tutorial look great.

  5. I'd like to bring Dr.Weil home with me and feed him chicken soup! Glad to see you got in a little sewing time. It's good for your soul. I always enjoy your beautiful photos. Be well.


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