Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet bunny; New Look 6034 muslin #2

Meet bunny
Meet the newest member of the FPF (Finger Puppet Family);  Bunny.  Bunny is made from some fake fur I picked up in the Joann's remnant bin this past fall.  The stiffness of this fabric meant I couldn't turn bunny inside out, so all stitching is on the outside.  But Bunny is so fluffy, I think it's ok (plus the stiffness of the fabric means Bunny doesn't need a thread-stand).    Bunny has hot pink embroidered ears, whiskers, and hands.
rear view
Gwen, Bunny also has a pink pompom tail.
animal finger puppet trio
The trio is getting along nicely.

For Vanessa: I made another muslin of the New Look 6034 leggings.  I made them size 16 this time which matches my hip measurements exactly to the finished garment hip measurements.  So the leggings now fit in the hips.  I had done a one inch petite adjustment for length, which is fine if I wanted the leggings to be at my feet.  I actually want the leggings to end here (just like on the model on the envelope picture).  So when I make these a third time, I'm going to take about 5 inches out of the thigh to get the leggings to end here (in this picture I hiked the leggings upto where I want them to end...and you can see the beautiful rouching).
So the lesson is, if you want the leggings to end just like the model, and you're not model height, you're going to have to take some inches out somewhere.   In hiking mine up to where I want them to end, I see they fit pretty well through my thighs so I'm going to take the inches out right underneath the crotch line.

New Look 6034 muslin #2

Be well and good night!


  1. I love the look of those leggings! I have the opposite problem, I usually have to lengthen things.

  2. Thanks Kyle for the info! I haven't started sewing the leggings yet but I am using a pair of leggings I have already as a model. I will be cutting my fabric soon. I really do love the ruching on those leggings!


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