Monday, April 4, 2011

Pig meets cow finger puppet

pig meets cow

I introduced pig to a bunch of my coworkers today.  Some thought he was a cow, one thought he was a bear, some questioned his existence.   One thought he is a thread cozy (I love that, by the way).   But pig and I enjoyed work today--enough to make him a friend.

So I violated a rule of mine tonight: no sewing after work. I sewed after work.  And made pig a cow friend.

from the back
This was the result.   Gwen, I hear you about the tail on the pig.  I have an idea for that.  But in the meantime I was able to make a tail for the cow!  I used the number 4 repair needle, the sack needle, to pull the embroidery thread through to the right side.  Thanks to Kenneth King I learned how to use this needle at PR weekend Philly last year. (I used needle 4 below; though we used needle 5 in the workshop)

I used needle 4

They are happy together and I think pig will enjoy having cow's company while watching me work again tomorrow. 
best friends

Good night and be well!


  1. These little critters will make you smile during the day, for sure. Glad to see you're adding tails because--well, tails are important you know!

  2. Thread cozy! What a great idea. Both adorable!


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