Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Long time, no blog!  Here we go:

Here are some signs of spring:
farmer's market daffodils
Farmer's Market daffodils, on my desk at work.
bradford pear blossoms
Bradford Pear blossoms I picked up during a walk tonight.  There's a story behind that shotglass that's vaguely related to Easter...maybe another time...

My purple orchid at work dropped all its blossoms, but opened new ones.  I'm losing my office at work so in ~3 months, so pix like this will be history.  I haven't told my orchids yet but they will be so depressed to lose their light source.
mah orchids: the purple ones bloom again!

I cooked today but it's nothing you haven't seen before:  a very yellow meal:
a very yellow meal

chicken pizzola-ish

sweet potatoes
and I previously made this which I messed up, sigh:
angel hair with tomato basil sauce and broccoli

So I started a bag tonight that I might bring with me to SPR weekend Chicago if I finish it on time. It's Alexander Henry "perfect pattern" fabric that I bought at Stitch Lab in Austin last year.
Alexander Henry collection

"perfect pattern" Alexander Henry collection

Look what I'll be making soon:
guess what's next!

Current library books + one of mine.  Everyday Icon is about Michelle Obama's style. 
library books and one of mine 4/23/11

Here's a library book from a few weeks back--it's excellent! You don't have to believe every thought that enters your brain...
library book from 2 weeks ago

Hope the Easter bunny treats you all well!
Be well and good night!


  1. Happy Easter! I'm going to have to look into that change your brain book!

  2. Happy Easter! Good to see you back in blogland! I love those flowers!

  3. Happy Easter. Love the daffodils and the other bouquet of flowers you picked. Nothing sweeter than picking flowers to put in a vase in your home or giving them away!


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