Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm bananas for this underwear!

In case you missed it, my PR Weekend Chicago retrospective is here.   A big thank you to those who commented on it!  It was really a blast.

Oh yes Andrea, I have made the banana appliqued underwear!  and 3 more pairs today.    And I now have a flickr set devoted to the undies I've made.

Here is the May 17, 2011 collection:
The Tuesday May 17 collection

Let's see those appliques close up, shall we?  All appliques were purchased at Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, IL, at Sewing Pattern Review Weekend Chicago.  All elastic is from sewsassy.com.  This picture depicts the colors the best:
applique extravaganza

First up, boy shorts with banana applique.  Fabric is from Jomar from PR weekend Philly 2010.  Yellow elastic.  LOL that you can see the tailor's chalk "F" to the left of the bananas.  Yes, those bananas are sequined!
I'm bananas for this underwear!

The remaining three pairs are bikini style underwear.  Let's pretend these are jersey tomatoes, ok?  Fabric from Joann's.  Red elastic.
Let's pretend these are Jersey tomatoes

This pair of underwear is not a lemon!  Same brown fabric from Jomar, PR weekend Philly 2010.  Yellow elastic.
This pair's not a lemon!

Dog bone applique.  100% organic cotton t-shirt from the Princeton Environmental Film Festival 2009.  I previously made the front of the shirt into panties; this is the back of the shirt.  Brown elastic.  In this pic the fabric looks pinky; it's beige.
dog bone applique, sew sassy elastic, 100% cotton t-shirt

So even though I wrote a summary of PR weekend yesterday it didn't have any pix of what I bought.  Here are the 7 fabrics I bought:
my fabric purchases at PR Weekend Chicago

This luscious wine colored border stretch cotton print is from Vogue.  It's the only piece I haven't washed yet.  They had a piece of this fabric draped on the wall to look like a cowl neck dress with the red border as a sash/belt.  Gorgeous.  Several of us including Jacqui bought it!  It was in two colorways:  wine and navy.
rose border print from Vogue Fabrics, Evanston

Here are the other fabrics I bought at various other stores.  The only knit is the yellow stripe.  I washed and dried it twice and it's already starting to pill. Well, for $2.69 a yard, I should have known.  I might still make a pair of underwear with it with the full understanding that they are not going to last long. I should make myself sign an agreement to not get upset when the fabric starts heavily pilling.
my fabric purchases at PR Weekend Chicago

Appliques from Vogue; ribbons and pink & white piping from Soutache;  black & white piping, and elastic from New Rainbow; pearl trim from Chicago Fabric, Button and Yarn Co.
stuff I bought at PR weekend, etc etc etc

And the freebies!  LOVE the design on the PR bag.  Plus it made it easy to carry around purchases during shopping day.
PR weekend freebies

And the other swag:
more PR weekend freebies
Very nicely done, vendors!!  You've outdone yourselves this year.

I want to sew some clothing soon...I'm thinking it might be an easy skirt to get me back into the land of exterior garment sewing...I have a list of clothing to make based on what people were wearing at the weekend but I don't have most of the patterns yet!

Be well!


  1. Super cute undies! I'm pacing the floor waiting for my navy dot fabric. I suppose I wouldn't be sewing it up anyway as I'm working on a new leotard for my daughter. Too bad about your yellow striped knit. I got a blue/white striped knit from that shop that will probably pill, too.

  2. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE each and every pair of the undies. They look great and you have really given me some inspiration. I think I just might give it a try. Thank you so much.

    Sorry to hear about the yellow stripe knit fabric you purchased. I purchased some white cotton knit from the same store to do some dying. I hope it washes okay. I also purchased that cream and wine cotton fabric from Vogue. I can't wait to see what you finally make with it.

  3. There is something hilarious about sequined bananas on a pair of undercrackers. I love your style!

  4. Wow you got a Christine Johnson pattern!
    Cute undies!

  5. You really came away with a great haul of stuff!

    Your undie collection is nice, too! They are all fun and uniquely you.

  6. Lots of fun toys! I love that red border print and I'm sure you will make something absolutely divine with it!

  7. A drawer full of new undies - how efficient! The applique is a clever addition.
    Your fabrics look great. It sounds like an amazing weekend.

  8. Did you not get a luggage tag from me in your swag bag? Please let me know!

  9. The undies are great. Andrea and I wore talking about making some as well.

  10. Your appliqued underwear is too funny! How bad can a day be when you start off wearing a dog biscuit????


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